Analytics Gets A Makeover

    June 13, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

In case you were wondering if your concerns were falling on deaf Mountain View ears, Google, it would seem, does listen to webmaster concerns. The company added a half-dozen new features to its Google Analytics service.

All of the features, according to The Official Google Analytics Blog, are incorporated by popular demand. Also, it’s now officially out of beta, meaning that your earlier version of Google Analytics will be kaput on July 18.

Google Analytics’ new features:

Hourly Reporting

Clickable URLs – the ability to click through to external pages from links in reports

Cross Segmentation by Network Location

More Data Rows Per Page – up to 500

Bounce Rate Color Flip – green is good, red is bad, now up is red, and down is rad

AdWords Integration – to link AdWords with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Alden DeSoto says they’re also recognizing new search engines:;;; and