An Unexpected Dark Knight Rises Trailer


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When the second full-length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises hit, it was with the understanding that it was the last full-length trailer for the highly-anticipated third installment to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series. But now, thanks to an exclusive trailer made for Nokia--is it weird to see such a popular movie partner with a struggling mobile device manufacturer?--we now have a new TDKR trailer for you to consume.

While there's not a whole lot of new footage, there is some, as the 2:17 trailer tries its hardest to ramp up the tension surrounding the upcoming box office smash. There's more focus on the Bane/Batman confrontation with a little bit of Anne Hathaway's Catwoman running around for good measure. There's also quite a bit of footage featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as it's becoming clear his character will play a substantial role in the movie. His character's name in TDKR is John Blake, and the speculation remains that JGL could embody the Nightwing character, although that has been entirely unconfirmed, if not outright debunked.

For those who want to emerse themselves in the TDKR experience, as Geeks Are Sexy points out, there's a nifty little site that allows users to design their own version of the Tumbler, aka, Nolan's Batmobile.

Unfortunately, you have to login via Facebook before you're allowed access to the Tumbler creation page. Do with that knowledge what you will. As you might expect, the new TDKR trailer didn't escape the notice of Twitter, and the buzz is positive:

Not much I can add after that.