An Underscore on the Silverlight vs. Flash Battle

    May 3, 2007

To put an underscore on the Silverlight vs. Flash battle, last night there were several Web video startups that presented at the SF New Tech! Live shindig. I think all of them are using Flash. Will Silverlight start to show up? You can watch last night’s proceedings too on Veodia. Funny enough, they aren’t using Flash.

But what caught my eye last night? That rocks as a way to interact with other people via your video camera (particularly cool with cell phones). There’s a chat capability — you can email any video into the system and it’s shown immediately. Plus you can talk smack with the community that’s hanging out on your channel. I gotta try this out, but Maryam and I are headed off to Cancun tomorrow.

Right now I’m driving to Zoho in Pleasanton to get a good look at their suite of “Work 2.0″ services.

Adobe and Microsoft are going full force after developers now. It’ll be interesting to see what other services like come along because of Flash and Silverlight. Those who are arguing for using plain old HTML are missing the point. is cool and is cool because it’s using Flex 2.0. I don’t see developers building style sites in plain old HTML.