An SEO Client Adds Blog Component

    August 3, 2005

A business blog component as part of every online business is one of my main SEO recommondations. Because of the search engine power of business blogs, it’s a natural addition for every website.

One of my SEO clients, Green Mountain at Fox Run has now taken the business blogging plunge.

Their new healthy weight loss blog is called, appropriately enough A Weight Lifted and it’s already gaining some attention around the blogosphere. Their traffic is steadily increasing, and sending visitors over to the main women’s weight loss spa website.

A Weight Lifted was developed on a TypePad blogging platform, and is a multiple contributor group blog. That multi-person approach to blogging is working well for them.

The three main authors are posting regularly, and they are contributing posts to a number of the internet Carnivals. As a result, the blog is gaining a wider reading audience. The blog has also been submitted to the various blog directories, and to some mainstream internet directories as well.

We have also made certain that the blog is available via the various RSS feed aggregators. Ease of feed subscription was a must, and RSS was addressed early in the blog development process.

The purpose of the blog, from a business blogging perspective, was to develop a conversation and informal relationship with the readership. Building a trusting relationship, through open and frank discussion of weight and helth issues, was a very important consideration for the writers. They have maintained a firm committment to their principles and that is expected to continue.

The SEO consideration of the blog was a very distant secondary consideration behind the more important relationship building aspect of the blog. Conversation and interaction was the primary blogging goal.

Green Mountain at Fox Runalready has strong search engine rankings, and rapidly exploding visitor traffic as a result. The blog was not required for that purpose.

Instead, the blog puts real people in the business.

No longer just a website, or a brochure, Green Mountain at Fox Run is now a women’s weight loss spa staffed by friendly, knowledgeable, and professional people.

The blog is the key to personalization.

Drop by A Weight Lifted today, and let the writers know your thoughts on their blog.

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