Amy Schumer Gets Picked Up By Jerry Seinfeld


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Amy Schumer was picked up by Jerry Seinfeld in a yellow Ferrari Daytona for Episode Two of Season Five in the sitcom legend's hilariously entertaining web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

The V12 powered sports car is one of the fastest automobiles of its time, and is considered one of the greatest Ferraris ever made. You may remember the model from Hollywood films such as The Long Goodbye, Rain Man, and Gone in 60 Seconds. Or perhaps you remember it as the famous ride of James "Sonny" Crockett, who drove a Ferrari Daytona Spyder during the first two seasons of Miami Vice.

The car's notoriety and craftsmanship, however, did not necessarily make for a smooth ride in the episode. You can check out Schumer's hilarious reaction to Seinfeld's car, and the comic duo's full conversation, including Amy's inner-exploring question, "I'm wondering what it's like to date me," by clicking here.

This is Seinfeld's fifth season doing Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The format of the web series is pretty simple. Seinfeld picks up a comedian, or a funny person, in a different car every episode. They're not always classic cars, and they're not always nice rides. (Seinfeld picked up Sarah Jessica Parker in a Brady Bunch era fake wood paneled station wagon.) Then they drive around for a while chatting. Seinfeld and his guest eventually arrive at a coffee shop or perhaps a diner, where they do more chatting. It's basically a show about funny people drinking coffee, sometimes having lunch, while enjoying a nice conversation.

We've seen everyone from Howard Stern to Tina Fey to Louis C.K. to David Letterman sit down and chat with Jerry over the first four seasons. Season Five began last week with Kevin Hart. Seinfeld plans to release one new episode every Thursday at Noon EDT.

We can also expect to see Jimmy Fallon, Fred Armisen, Bill Burr, among other comedians this season.