Amy Adams: "I'm 40 and I Still Care What People Think of Me."


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Fame and success can't stop Amy Adams from being a worrier-turning 40 added to her long list of concerns.

Despite Adams' five Academy Award nominations, her self-doubt persists. Nothing may stop the Man of Steel actress from her daily stress.

Adams shared in the December issue of Vogue some insight into her personal and professional struggles.

It feels like I worry about everything -- mothering, relationships... I think it’s because I want to continue to grow; I don’t like being stagnant. Especially when you watch how fast children grow, and what they take into their soul and their intellect. It’s like we make this decision to stop growing. I don’t want to do that.

Most people feel stressed when they begin to reach certain ages. Adams is no different, because turning 40 in August worried her extremely.

I was like, I'm 40 and I still care what people think of me; I still don't do laundry so I'm always out of things; I'm just not a grown-up at all,' and I had this expectation that I would be by this age. It wasn't, 'Oh, I'm getting old and I'm going to lose something vibrant about myself.' It was more that I was just 'so disappointed with myself.

Adams' confession proves the age old cliche: Money doesn't solve all problems.

Adams also revealed to Vogue that she's a perfectionist, which makes her job difficult. "I'm never satisfied with the take. I'll walk away from it, but I could go and go and go. I've had to learn to be OK with it."

During the beginning of her career, Adams found it difficult to keep her composure during auditions. Her "squirreliness would come out," she said. Adams continued: "People wouldn't feel confident. I've always been someone who had, like, a spirit of perseverance, but I actually almost quit because I was starting not to like who I was."

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The self-proclaimed people pleaser eventually decided to stick with acting due to advice from her lawyer. She was told she was doing something right if she kept getting jobs.

Adams' latest movie, Big Eyes, hits theaters on December 25.