Amy Adams Booked for 'Inside the Actors Studio'

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Amy Adams will appear on an episode of Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio to air in February. The American Hustle actress will chat with host James Lipton about acting and lend her expertise to students at the studio, too. The incredible part of interviews on this show is that for the entire time celebrities appear on the air they are no longer celebrities, but assume the roles of teachers of the craft instead.

Paul Newman was Inside the Actors Studios first guest. In addition to the interview itself, Lipton always gives guests a questionnaire replete with similar questions. The show concludes with a question and answer session. Recorded on the campus of Pace University, acting students there consider this show to be among one of their better learning tools.

Pace University is no doubt thrilled with hosting Amy Adams in February.

Amy Adams won a Golden Globe this year for her role in American Hustle and has been nominated for Best Actress at the upcoming Academy Awards for the same role.

The day after Amy Adams appears on Inside the Actors Studio, actor Matthew McConaughey takes his turn with James Lipton and the Pace acting students. McConaughey is fresh off his high after winning a Golden Globe earlier this month for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. And like Amy Adams, he, has received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his Dallas Buyers Club role as well. He and Adams will appear on Inside the Actors Studio in back to back episodes, with Amy Adams appearing on February 19th and Matthew McConaughey appearing on February 20th. James Lipton had the following to say recently about these two top notch talents appearing on his show.

"The period leading up to the Oscar's is always our busiest time of the year, possibly because so many of our guests have wound up holding the treasured trophy," Lipton said in a statement. "This year is no exception. Bruce Dern's Inside the Actors Studio episode has recently aired. Amy Adams's episode and Matthew McConaughey's episode will air on consecutive nights, Feb. 19th and 20th. Three great new episodes and three great Oscar candidates. Our Actors Studio Drama School students will be cheering loudly and proudly on Oscar night."

Will you be cheering for either Amy Adams or Matthew McConaughey on Oscar night--or possibly both? Will you tune in to see one or both of them on Bravo later in February when Inside the Actors Studio airs?

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