Amputee Brawl Breaks Out During Soccer Match

By: Amanda Crum - June 4, 2013

A soccer match between Holland and Belgium on Saturday turned ugly after a man pulled another player down by his leg. What made it especially ugly is that the man who went down only had one leg.

The amputee-only match was the first of its kind, and was marred by the incident-turned-brawl. Afterwards, a massive fight broke out between the teams which was caught on video.

Belgian player Marnix Huys shrugged off the fight, however, saying that all in all, things went well.

“I felt we were doing well,” he said. “A couple of beginner’s mistakes, but all in all we had reason to be happy. It was a pleasant match with a few incidents that should not have happened, but other than that things went well. In the end we got stronger and stronger both physically and technically.”

Amanda Crum

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  • Mark L

    I’m of two minds on this.
    First, I am disgusted with violence in sports. It’s a sure sign of a lack of sportsmanship and brains.
    But also, I’m kind of smiling at this one. Maybe people will now stop looking at these guys as “cripples” and start seeing them as what they are; men with missing parts.

  • Allllrightythen!

    Cripple Fight!!! …(Cartman on SouthPark):

  • Edward Ayres

    I think it started when somebody wished one team good luck by yelling out, “Break a leg.!”

  • Robert M. Medina

    Men will be men, boys will be boys, and this seems like children having a “temper tantrum”.