AMOLED Tech To Expand in the TV Market


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If this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taught consumers anything, it's that TV manufacturers will be leaning hard on Ultra HD to sell TVs in the coming years. Already component manufacturers are gearing up this year to make over 500% more Ultra HD panels than they did in 2013.

As the TV market moves toward Ultra HD, manufacturers will be competing on which display technology they utilize to achieve 4K resolutions. In the midst of all this, it now appears that AMOLED display technology is set to become a major portion of the TV market.

Market research firm IHS today predicted that AMOLED panel shipments could top 10 million units in the year 2018. The firm bases this forecast on the increased interest in AMOLED demonstrated at CES earlier this month. A flexible AMOLED display from LG was of particular interest at the show, demonstrating a possible marketing strategy for future displays.

That 10 million units would represent a huge increase from this year's predicted 50,000 AMOLED panel shipments. Production is expected to ramp up slowly in 2014 and 2015, with panel shipments not reaching the one million mark in either year. By 2016, however, AMOLED shipments are expected to jump to 2.1 million and the surge could begin in 2017 with a predicted 5.1 million AMOLED panel shipments.

“AMOLED televisions were on center stage at CES, led by LG Electronics, Samsung and Panasonic showing a variety of new sets, including models with a range of screen sizes, ultra high definition (UHD) resolution and curved and even bendable displays,” said Vinita Jakhanwal, director of emerging displays and technology at IHS. “The high profile of the products and large number of sets at CES indicates that television brands remain committed to promoting AMOLED technology. Although previous AMOLED TV initiatives have been stymied by production issues, these are expected to be overcome and sets are expected to enter high-volume production in the coming years.”