Amnesia Sequel Teaser Trailer Released


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Frictional Games has released a teaser trailer for the sequel to its hit indie survival horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs looks to revisit the frightening intensity of its predecessor. The sequel, according to Frictional, is not a direct sequel to the first, and doesn't feature the same characters. However, it will be set in the same universe as the first, and the same alternate history. Frictional is collaborating with thechineseroom, an indie game developer out of Brighton, UK, on Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is widely considered one of the scariest horror games to be released in years. In it, players explore a haunted castle full of horrors and disturbing imagery. No guns, blades, or other weapons are provided. Players must, in true survival horror tradition, figure out on their own how to survive.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent was recently featured as a part of the Humble Indie Bundle 5 package, which raised over $5 million for indie developers and charity. Humble Bundles allow players to pay what they want for a package of indie games, and give extra incentives for paying more. Frictional stated that their plan was originally to release a teaser for Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs when a certain total was reached for the Bundle, but it was so popular, and raised money so quickly that they were caught off-guard. Regardless, Frictional has finally released the teaser, which you can view below:

As long as Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs can maintain the sense of helpless dread and terror the original game had, it should manage to be a hit. With this and other games such as Sacrilegium on the horizon, it's possible that the survival horror genre is finally being revived, at least in the indie market.