Americans Still Hate Cable Companies More Than Everything

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YouGov recently asked 9,000 people a simple question about 1,200 different brands in 43 different sectors – Are you a satisfied customer? They then used the responses to rank each industry in terms of average satisfaction score.

Guess which industry came in dead last?

If you said the erectile dysfunction industry, well, you need to get a better boner pill. Also, you'd be wrong. The ED industry's total satisfaction score was 28.4 – good for 5th worst.

Still, its score more than doubled that of America's most hated industry – cable and satellite TV. With a cool 13.2, cable customers are the least satisfied group of consumers out there.

I wonder why.

Here's the full chart, if you want to look at all the things people hate less than cable companies.

This should come as no surprise, as companies like Comcast and Time Warner have repeatedly been voted the most hated for years.

Here's a silver lining – there will soon be fewer of them to deal with!

h/t The Daily Dot, Image via Wikimedia Commons

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