American Reporter’s Arrest Captured On YouTube

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I may have spoken too soon yesterday, lauding the freedom of the press in America, contrasting it with Venezuelan President Chavez’ takeover of the airwaves. I didn’t speak out of turn, however, when sharing a sincere appreciation for the power of YouTube.

In case you missed it, Venezuelan RCTV is broadcasting on YouTube after being booted by the government – a testament to the sheer necessity of a site like YouTube for the democratic process. It’s hard to spin when cold hard evidence is readily present and can be uploaded from anywhere.

United States Presidential hopeful and former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani received a rather interestingly timed smiting, perhaps from the Almighty himself last night. Just as he was about to address his Pro-Choice stance and respond to Catholic criticism that he was a Pontius Pilate, lightning struck and cut off his mic.

But something else was going on among the press corps, according to bloggers. A YouTube video has surfaced showing InfoWars.com’s Matt Lepacek, who claimed to have proper press credentials at CNN’s Republican debate, being arrested at the command of Giuliani’s press secretary after asking a question.

Never mind the question itself. It was a rather audacious query about Giuliani’s knowledge of a terrorist threat prior to 9/11. And that’s something we’d rather not get into here.

But Lepacek’s arrest brings up some serious questions about freedom of the press, especially since Lepacek is being held on charges of criminal trespassing and espionage.

Yes, espionage. Apparently webcams at debates count for that.

Luckily for those wondering what they’re not seeing in the mainstream press, there is citizen journalism in the world today, where digital cameras are ever-present. YouTube is making an impact – a big one.

Hopefully, the big boys in traditional media will jump on this atrocity as an apparently innocent man is sitting in jail on trumped on charges by the New Hampshire police acting on the command of a press secretary.

American Reporter’s Arrest Captured On YouTube
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  • Chris Rose

    The problem is mainstream media continues to ignore 9/11 truth. Though you choose to ignore it, 9/11 truth IS the story here. Thus you along with the rest of mainstream media, are enablers of America’s rapid dissent into fascism. Although this was a CNN event, this story is nowhere to be found on CNN.com. Why?

    • Reality

      These 9/11 “truthers” are morons. They follow Alex “Moron” Jones like sheep.

      But call them the idiots they are, and all of a sudden somewhere in my mailbox is a check from Dick Cheney & big oil.

      Conspiracy theorists are morons, period.

      • peace.be

        Not one solid argument in your rant, period.

        Liberty for all.


      • Iconoclast421

        Hey “Reality” everything you’ve said is indicative of conspiratorial thinking. “They follow Alex Jones like sheep”. Do you have any evidence to support that view? Do you have video of Alex Jones’ house being surrounded by 911truthers 24/7? lol

        And you call people you dont even know “idiots”, what’s that say about you.

        I think if you actually looked at the facts instead of pretending to be some kind of psychic, you’d probably be singin a different tune now.

        But regardless, it is people like you, and Giuliani as well, that are showing their true colors today. Sieg Heil

    • taylor m.

      Nothing new here about what mainstream media really is.
      Robert Kane Pappas’ has an excellent documentary on Google Video.

      As for Chavez, dont make me laugh.
      They have done more for community run radio in Venezuela than any country I know. The poor do have a voice there now. Can we say the same thing here?
      As for not renewing the license of the TV station you talk about, have you ever been to Venezuela? Have you seen what is said?
      I’m pretty used to seeing breast and sex on public airwaves from french, spanish and italian travels but the vitriol, personal attacks and open racism I heard on the air in Venezuela always left me amazed.

      Let’s hope your not black and arent offended by monkey comments on the air.
      Colin Powell’s visit a while back came on the heels of one of those racist rants about Chavez on the air and he wasnt very pleased it was reported.

      Seems to me that if CBS promoted OPENLY the overthrow of a legitimate government, the least of their problems would have been license renewals.

      But keeping repeating the state department line about Venezuela, there are a few good ones about Bin Laden and supporting terrorism that you might want to use.

      The lies of Kosovo and Iraq didnt happen in a vaccuum you know. The media did their job repeating press releases from the military and once the lies were discovered: too late. (I remember an article in FAIR I think outlining how public opinion is created that the Kosovo soccer field with 100,000 prisoners story which came word for word from press releases was carried by almost 3000 papers around the world. When the french AP reporters reporters got to the empty stadium a day later, that news was only carried by about 50-60.
      Job accomplished thanks to the mainstream media who follow the official story line.)
      Gee, sorry about that folks, go back to what you were doing. Until we do the same thing again and again and again…..

  • Pedro22

    The question that the “reporter” asked WAS important. Guiliani clearly stated to Peter Jennings on 9/11 that he received word in advance that the Towers were going to collapse:
    No steel frame building had ever collapsed from fire. Who told him they were going to collapse, and why didn’t he notify the firefighters and people to get out of the buildings?
    This is one of the many things on 9/11 that clearly don’t add up. The reason it’s important to find the truth of 9/11 is that it directly enabled 2 wars and removal of habeus corpus.

    • Jason Lee Miller

      I’m not saying there’s not a conspiracy….somebody’s always conspiring somewhere. As for that clip, it’s not exactly proof, and it’s definitely taken out of context…a 25 second clip that sounds to me like Giuliani is giving a play-by-play of where he was after the first building was hit…"we were told the building was gonna collapse" sounds like he’s referring to the situation in real time, i.e., after the buildings were hit.

      I’m not a fan of many politicians, but those saying that the US had advance, preventative knowledge of the attacks and did nothing about it — or even orchestrated it — are going to have to come up with better proof than they have. As it is, it just comes off as crazy, or worse, it’s putting some serious evil on to someone…and while I think a lot of politicians are evil, there are levels to the concept, and to say they allowed 3,000 of their own citizens to die so they could get into an oil war…that’s comic book villain-level evil…and you’d better have something concrete.

      But as for reporters being arrested for asking questions and charged with trumped up crap and for governments taking over tv stations, that is wrong and evil and there is proof. So let’s condemn one government evil at a time.

      • Phil Mocek

        Jason Lee Miller wrote,

        “As for that clip, it’s not exactly proof, and it’s definitely taken out of context…a 25 second clip that sounds to me like Giuliani is giving a play-by-play of where he was after the first building was hit…”we were told the building was gonna collapse” sounds like he’s referring to the situation in real time, i.e., after the buildings were hit.”

        It’s not taken out of context. Giuliani made the statement after one (or both? unclear) of the twin towers was hit. He said they went to the scene, set up their command headquarters, and then were told that the WTC was going to collapse (see below, for transcript and recording of his statement).

        There would be no reason for someone to expect that they would fall, as steel-framed buildings had never before fell due to fire, and because those towers were built to withstand the impact of a jet — the outer structure was like a screen: poke a relatively small hole in it and the rest of it is left intact.

        Once Giuliani was warned that the buildings would fall — assuming he took it seriously, and given the way he described the incident, it seems like he did — he should have warned people to get out, but he didn’t.

        Who gave him the warning? Why weren’t building occupants told? These are very reasonable questions. Every one of us should demand answers. It is absolutely outrageous that someone should be arrested for asking these questions.

        Why won’t the press cover this issue?

        Here’s a recap of the whole situation, including his statement regarding foreknowledge, his later denial of this, and his press secretary having a reporter arrested after the debate:

        == Summary ==

        Rudy Giuliani has previously stated that he was warned that the WTC towers were going to collapse. He now denies this. Recently, his press secretary had a reporter arrested for asking about this foreknowledge.

        == Details ==

        Rudy Giuliani told ABC’s Peter Jennings on September 11, 2001, that he and his staff were warned that (one of the?) twin towers was going to fall.

        Giuliani said:

        “I went down to the scene and we set up, uh, headquarters at 75
        Barkley Street, which was right there with the police
        commissioner and the fire commissioner, the head of emergency
        management. And we were operating out of there when we were
        told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse.”

        video of the ABC broadcast:


        Last month, Giuliani was confronted by a young lady who said she was family of a WTC collapse victim and wanted to know why, since as he reported to Peter Jennings, he knew the towers were going to collapse, the people inside weren’t notified, and who else knew about this.

        Giuliani responded:

        “The fact is, uh, I didn’t know the towers would collapse.”

        video of the confrontation:


        After the recent Republican presidential debate, a reporter — with press pass — was arrested for trespassing upon demand of Giuliani’s press secretary after the reporter asked about Giuliani’s foreknowledge of the collapse (no answer, of course).

        video of the questioning and police encounter:


        report at Raw Story:


        report at Infowars:


      • Chris

        Comic book evil? Do you honestly think it would take “the government” to know about it in advance and help make it happen? Or only a few key factions/members of the government in key places? Do you know where Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Richard Myers were on 9/11 and what exactly they were doing during the attacks? Do you remember Cynthia McKinney asking Myers and Rumsfeld to their faces WHO set up the wargames on 9/11 that made it possible for 4 hijacked jumbo jets to fly around unchallenged and hit 3 out 4 targets, including the Pentagon AFTER the towers were hit?(yes, AFTER the towers were hit and it was clear there were hijackings taking place, our military “failed” to stop a plane from hitting their nerve center, the Pentagon.) They said they would get back to her/us. They still havent. Can you explain to me why Osama Bin Laden is on the FBI 10 most wanted list but ISNT wanted for 9/11 on it?(speaking of which, where has ol scary Osama the former CIA asset been? Did you know his brother is a business partner of former President Bush in the Carlyle group? look it up, its your job.) WTC7 housed offices for the CIA,FBI,SEC,Secret Service and Giuliani and fell exactly like a controlled demolition. It was not even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report. Why do you suspect they left it out? But hey, one government evil at a time right? You are a disgrace but far from alone in your profession. But hey, its much easier to sit back, collect a check and stay silent on issues like this, facts be damned. And one more thing. 3,000 lives. How many lives have been lost in Iraq? Over 3,500 Americans and over 200,000 Iraqis. Is that comic book evil too? The numbers argument is bull and our bloody history proves me right.

      • Chris

        Also, see Rigo below for the Chavez thing. Im not a huge Chavez fan but lets be realistic please. How gullible are you? Do you believe the CIA when they say they had nothing to do with the coup too?

      • steve

        Hi Jason. Thanks for posting your article about what happened to Matt Lepacek.

        Regarding your comment about what Giuliani told ABC’s Peter Jennings on 9/11, “we were told the building was gonna collapse”; It’s been documented that he was given that warning, by his own admission, before the towers came down (this was after the towers were hit by planes). He was across the street when he got the warning in a safe location during the first “collapse”. I say safe, because he obviously wasn’t killed or injured, and for all we know he was given an order to remain in that location until after the “collapse” occurred:

        But what is important here is — and perhaps you’re not aware of this — about a week ago during a campaign stop in New York, Giuliani was asked by a 9/11 family member about what he told Peter Jennings on 9/11 and if it was true that he got a warning that the WTC was going to “collapse”, and who else knew about it, and why didn’t the people still in the towers get a warning too? Giuliani looked this girl in the eye and told her “I didn’t know that the towers were going to collapse.” When reminded again about what he told Peter Jennings — by Matt Lepacek who was standing off camera who was also there that day reporting for WeAreChange & InfoWars — Giuliani said “No one that I knew of had any idea they would implode. That was a complete surprise.”

        Giuliani then walked away without explaining who it was that gave him the warning that he told Peter Jennings about on 9/11 and failed to explain why the people in the towers didn’t also get a warning.

        Here’s the video for that encounter if you’d like to see it:
        Youtube version:
        Here’s the story about it:

        This why Matt Lepacek was asking those questions at the GOP debate in New Hampshire on Tuesday, to try to get further information about Giuliani’s contradictory statements. Giuliani still hasn’t explained who it was that gave him the warning that he told Peter Jennings about. Why hasn’t he revealed who it was? How far in advance was he given the warning before the WTC “collapsed”? These are questions that only Giuliani can answer – and he owes it to the American people to answer those questions.

        As far as 9/11 foreknowledge is concerned, here are a few links that may be helpful to you:

        If you have time, also watch this short video presentation about Building 7, the third tower to fall down on 9/11 – which wasn’t hit by a plane:

        Take care and thanks again for reporting what happened to Matt.


    • Jordan Lund

      No steel frame building had ever been exposed to jet fuel before either.

      The collapse of a California freeway due to a burning gasoline tanker puts the flaw to the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Fuel DOES burn hot enough to damage a concrete and steel structure to the point of failure.

      • CR

        im no physicist(and neither are you)but the freeway collapse doesnt disprove anything. Also, you are acting like the collapse of the towers is the only thing wrong with the official story of 9/11. You would be dead wrong. Question911.com

  • Chris

    Now why do you suppose they reacted so harshly to this SPECIFIC question? Could it be because hes on to something? 9/11 was a massive fraud on so many levels, time to wake up. question911.com

  • Chris

    Do your job as a journalist/reporter. Investigate 9/11. Its pretty clear that you havent gone outside of the federal government and CNN,G.E. etc. for your information on 9/11. You obviously have a lot to learn about the subject.

  • Rigo

    “In case you missed it, Venezuelan RCTV is broadcasting on YouTube after being booted by the government.”

    Uh, no, their license was not renewed. This isn’t the same as being “booted”. They operate on 20-yr licenses – here stations too have to compete for licenses on an x-year basis – and when it came time to be renewed, the sovereign government of Venezuela, operating entirely within its constitutional parameters, denied renewal of a station with a litany of abuses including a failed coup, inciting violence against a democratically elected head of state, and the airing of pornography.

    If RCTV operated in this fashion in the good ole US of A, do you honestly think they would survive one minute longer much less *five years*??

    Mind you, RCTV is NOT barred from operating on cable, satellite, etc.

    Please stop parroting corporate-owned media spin.

  • Jason J

    Put strawmen and ad hom attacks to the side for a second America.

    Your government in some form facilitated the 9/11 attacks. Don’t believe what CNN tells you. You owe it to yourself; you owe it to your loved ones.


    America is obviously slipping into an all-out fascist state, an empire in decline. You would have to be retarded, or a political/media corporate shill to believe otherwise.

    Wake up and join the good fight! Don’t believe the war criminals and their Nazi propaganda tactics. 9/11 TRUTH IS THE PEACE MOVEMENT. IT IS THE END TO ALL WARS.

  • Scandinavian

    Everyone with some ability for critical thinking can see that the official story does not add up.

    The total destruction of the three skyscrapers on 9/11 can be compared to the blowing up of several apartment buildings in Moscow in autumn 1999. The Russian secret service was caught planting the fifth bomb, after which *that* was declared to have been just an “antiterrorism exercise”. Chechens were blamed for the bombings and the Russian army invaded Chechenya – which, of course, had been the idea all along.

    The clearest proof of controlled demolition on 9/11 is the third skyscraper, WTC 7, which collapsed in 6.5 seconds symmetrically into its foundations. If random fires and asymmetric damage could result in a demolition-like implosion of a highrise, CD companies would be out of work.

    Here is an analysis from Finland of the total destruction of WTC 7:


    The page shows that the 174-meter building came down without structural resistance (which is only possible in a CD) and refers to the statements by a number of European construction and demolition experts.

  • Robert Gonzales

    How numb we’ve become to watching videos like this. Even when it’s that deliberate…people are being bread to think that we have no rights even when we follow the process! They must of done something wrong look whom they are affiliated with. No one looks at…wait a minute what was the question? What was being asked? Did they deserve to get kicked out for that? Just like all the other Charlie Sheen…oh that guy terrible guy…don’t worry about his questions…just go after his charector…and Rosie…yeah pay no attention to factual information that she is given you!

    I was so upset when I saw an IRAQI girl that made front page wearing an eyepatch and having her face sewen togeher from a bomb blast in Baghdad…and yet there is no public outcry for that because Paris Hilton is going to jail. What has this nation become….WILL THE REAL AMERICANS PLEASE STAND UP!

    We’ve all become some numb to everything…even when the rights that so many people died for and this country was being founded on are abused…yet we pay no attention.

    I guess being numb though is how they want us to be…until we’re asked to present our national ID card at every check point!

    I know that just conspiracy talk right?

    I also know whay I’ve just typed may have triggered something in your mind…”thought” sorry about that…but don’t worry as soon as your turn the tv back on it will go away!

    – Peace

  • Max

    Hugo Chavez took their license because they were co-conspirators in an illegal coup d’tat.
    Matt Lepachak was arrested for excercising the right of a free press. Asking hard questions of a murderer, who has the audacity to run for president of the USA. Vote for Ron Paul so we can right the wrongs of the USA coup d’tat of 1963.

  • http://forums.usanetwork.com/index.php?showuser=75445 Kate

    Your GREAT that was cool.

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    Great article.  Look fowrard to reading more from you Jason.

  • wag

    Yo Rigo, nice post on the RCTV thing…that’s a concise little summary that people should realize….


    good stuff

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