American Idol Bikini Girl Not Exactly An Overnight Success

This kind of Web presence takes preparation

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If you haven’t heard of Katrina Darrell yet, she’s probably incredibly disappointed, and so are her, ahem, handlers. After all, her name is currently at the top of Google Hot Trends’ top search gainer list. She’s also known as “bikini girl,” in case you didn’t catch her name for all the, well, distraction.
American Idol Bikini Girl Not Exactly An Overnight Success
It’s not like she didn’t try—really, really hard—to get everybody’s attention. In addition to her nearly nude audition and obvious willingness to advance her career via, um, lip service to Ryan Seacrest, Darrell seems to have been prepared for the surge of online interest created by her national TV debut.

In fact, she seems pretty well optimized for searching. You could credit Google for its speed and effectiveness, but generally spikes in name searches related to TV events are limited to Google News results.

But searching for her brings back a website, katrinadarrell.org, with photos and clips from the show, and she ranks pretty high for the term “bikini girl,” too, a fairly generic and (one imagines) historically sought-after phrase.

At the top of the results is a YouTube video posted in November called “LovinLife With Katrina Darrell,” a two-and-a-half minute commercial for a multimedia marketing company featuring the modeling of last night’s American Idol tryout, embedding disabled by request. Not exactly an amateur move there. 

American Idol Bikini Girl Not Exactly An Overnight Success

The company’s website didn’t miss posting a section on their website labeled “Katrina Darrell – Bikini Girl,” ready to soak up all that guaranteed post-Idol debut traffic magic.


Her name also pops up among the cast of the 1999 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, Passport to Paris.

For some reason, I’m starting to think this was all some kind of publicity stunt. After Antonella Barba, who’d have thought it would have worked a second time?

American Idol Bikini Girl Not Exactly An Overnight Success
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  • http://cohn.wordpress.com Tim Cohn

    Probably launched by the show itself…

  • http://www.intentionalfoul.com Chris

    Not exactly hot, either … Kinda meh, actually.

  • Guest

    She’s the typical butterface.

  • http://www.techipedia.com Tamar Weinberg

    When I saw her last night (before she got through to Hollywood), I muttered “attention whore.” And yet the Idol producers went for it. She wasn’t even that good – what a waste of 5 minutes.

    Seriously, I’d rather see audition flops than waste my time on a bikini chick. It reminds me of that stupid kid with the Brooklyn accent in 2007 who auditioned in NY. He, too, only went through with it as a publicity stunt. (I’m so glad I forgot his name.)

    Idol producers should be just a *little* smarter. This isn’t funny – it’s stupid.

    • Guest

      you all are just jealous of her. must be big fat wemen

      • Guest

        Nope, not jealous. Just sick of sluts getting through with no talent.

        • Guest

          It sickens me. She hasn’t got an ounce of singing talent. Her voice is incredibly weak, off pitch, nasally, and she doesn’t care. It makes me furious that Simon and Randy, and even our husbands, can’t see the obvious because they’re so stuck on how she looks! It really is disgusting.

      • melinda

        no one is jealous of her it is about talents not looks…. if she wanted to be notice she should of applied for america’s next top model….. even thought she wasn’t all that pretty too.

      • Guest

        Learn to spell before you cast judgement.

    • idolfan

      I agree with you 100 per cent man! The way she pushed herself on Ryan Seacrest and flaunted herself meant she was definitely there for all the attention she could get. She’s smug and self-centered. They should send her back home, not to Hollywood.

  • Guest

    “Loook-ah-me! Ooooh ooh…over here guys!! LOOK, LOOK! Do you notice me? You should notice me! I’m wearing half the clothes of the normal person and I’m not fat, that makes me hot!! PLEASE look at me……anyone……….someone……ok screw it let’s go with the bikini”

  • idolfan

    American Idol is meant for singers, NOT models. She was only there for more “exposure” for her modeling career. I’m a male and love women as much as any other guy, but am sick of slutty types. Her body is not that great and she is NOT Mariah Carey for sure. Let’s get some real talent on the show!

    • xray

      your right, but don’t you really get it, she’s smart she will make enough money no matter how short lived this nonsense is.. like the rest of the 1 minute remember me stars. Watch next season there will be another one!! All it takes eay one good ride to make enough and then chill, compared to be a hostess at hooters

  • http://www.tel038.com.tw ??

    I’m wearing half the clothes of the normal person

  • Anonymous

    I’d screw her..that’s about it.

  • american idol, not bikini idol

    RIGHT!. they are there to sing their voice out

    who wears bikini for an audition

    would you? would you?

    she is not that pretty too….seriously.

    just ok ok look, ok ok body

    i have more respect for carly carson, who is a real bikini model but dressed accordingly….and she looks good in the calender…

    here is you all


    can switch your attention to something nicer

  • Guest

    Katrina hasnt grown up since high school at all… you think she’s an attention whore now?!? back when she was all of 14 we would make a starbucks trip and she would place her finger over my lips and pretend to make out with me (mind u im a female)… lied about her age to attract older men, actually put one of them in jail! This girl has always been bad news… I let that friendship go loooonnngg ago! No-Hoe’s in my circle.

  • http://alturl.com/barke shahbaz

    its informative

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