American Idol 2013 Auditions: The New Judges Are Clicking

    October 5, 2013
    Erika Watts
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After American Idol’s previous disaster season, many fans are ready to put the past behind and are looking forward to the changes the show is bringing in 2014. In addition to a new format and producers, Idol made some big changes to the judging panel, which was largely to blame for the drop-off in ratings in 2013. There is only one new face on the judges panel, Harry Connick, Jr., plus Keith Urban is returning and Jennifer Lopez is coming back after taking a season off.

American Idol wrapped up the second round of Salt Lake City auditions on Friday, and so far things seem to be going great. There’s no doubt that Urban has to feel a sense of relief since he won’t likely be in the middle of any cat fights between Connick, Jr. and Lopez, as he endured with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carrey.

The judging panel appeared on an episode of Ellen that aired Thursday, and the chemistry between the judges seemed very strong. No stink eyes, death threats or curse words were directed at anyone, which is a pretty big step up from 2013.

Lopez had nothing but good things to say for her co-judges, and the feeling seemed mutual. “And, this (pointing to Keith and Harry) is working really great,” Lopez said. “So yeah, we’re having a great time. At the end of the day, everything that’s meant to be happens.”

What do you think of the new judges panel for Idol? Respond below.

The 13th season of American Idol will start on January 15. This will be the first season since the show began that the judging panel will be without Randy Jackson. The news that Jackson was leaving wasn’t a shock considering the Minaj-Carey-ratings situation, but it certainly took Idol to a new low.

Fortunately for fans of The Dawg, Idol announced in early September that Jackson is returning as Jimmy Iovine’s replacement for the in-house mentor. Whew, crisis avoided.

To shave a few minutes off of the 2.5 month wait to the American Idol season premiere, check out some of the worst auditions in Idol history.


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    • Barbara

      I think Harry judge unfair. He displayed that last season,when he and Randy had a few choice words. Get real, Americian Idol, you can do better. When Paula and Simon left, A.I. went down hill. Bring back Paula and Randy to be judges.

  • shirley southerland

    The 3 new judges are truly well-rounded, etical professionals and I think they will be a pleasure for the viewers as well as the contenders. Randy should be in the pack, too. He didn’t do anything wrong. But the two “ladies” from last year??? Why did anyone consider either one of them qualified to judge anyone regarding anything?
    Amazingly, last year they did find the greatest American Idol voice yet.

    • Karyn

      Who won last year? I can’t for the life of me remember.

      • Barbara

        Itr is plan to see you do not care about who won, I wonder why?

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    What do I think? I think every fan of “Voice” is going to respond with rude remarks, because that’s what they do. It’s sort of like asking a Yankee fan what they feel about the Red Sox chances this year. But being a huge Keith Urban fan, I think he’s going to do just fine, because he rolls with the punches as was evidenced last year with Minaj and Carey. Harry will get a little hot under the collar occasionally, and Jennifer will be sitting in her chair with a huge Cheshire cat smile.
    Actually, this is a savvy, smart panel and if Minaj and Mariah didn’t turn everyone off Idol completely, it should be Idol’s best year yet.

    • http://att.net mike

      Get real Lizzie. All of those “Anyone can sing” shows suck. So do the judges. Just sucking satan’s pecker. All of them.

  • Ron

    good potential, no douchebags like minaj

  • http://att.net mike

    American Idol was great when it was known as the Ed Sullivan Show. It has sucked ever since.

  • RR

    Keith and Harry great!! I do not think Jennifer Lopez should be a judge. I think they should add Kelly Clarkson to the panel. She has the experience with Idol and has established herself as an artist. I think should would make a perfect judge.

  • neema

    I don’t care much about the judges but I’ll be watching.

  • Barbara

    Here it come, No black judges, means whites are going to be in the final and win.

    • susan

      You sound racist to me

  • Barbara

    I do not think I will watch it this season, Can’t relate, now.

  • http://yahoo Dee

    If Jlo had not returned I would have watched the Idol, she does nothing for the show but gets paid better. Randy showed us nothing but “Dude”. Keith deserved better. I will read the critics responses and will devote my time to DWTS and Ducks dynasty.

  • Barbara Ruiz

    I think you are wrong about blaming the judges for last years disaster. The producers are just as responsible. They were responding to the racial discrimination lawsuit by stacking the contestants so that a African American girl would win. They did not let any cute, talented guys advance to voting.

  • Julie

    I agree with Judy from KS….I think this is a good team of judges. I will miss Randy but happy to hear he is will take Jimmy’s place and I liked Jimmy too. I think it will be a good show. You folks at Idol have done a good job putting a lot of talent out there. Way to go! I did also like Mariah but Nikki was constantly giving her grief. I liked Nikki but she just wasn’t judge material.

  • aimeeb

    When this show’s largest critic (vftw.com) shuttered their website out of lack of interest, I think that spoke volumes to the fate of this show. It’s now like a loud entertaining houseguest that just won’t leave. It has worn out its welcome, it has long since ‘jumped the shark’ (Taylor Hicks is your American Idol). I can’t understand why they don’t put this horse out to pasture. Oh that’s right…the producers can still churn money out of this.

    • http://AmericanIdol2013 madeline Coren

      your soooooo wrong. Even when I think the next cattle drive will be a bore, laborious channel surfing across the networks who offer redundant bedding of “hotties”, crime, juvenile sitcoms and low- life family fare, I end up grounding myself back at the ranch with good old clean family fun. You got it: American Idol with all youthful arrogance, innocence and surprising talents. This
      is America, not what the corporate exec’s want to make it into.

  • http://Yahoo John

    MARIAH is the one with real talent and is the #1 top singer in the business. Now that Whitney is gone.

  • http://Yahoo John Erickson

    Mariah is the one with real talent and is the number one singer in the world. I would say Christina is number 2. Nicki is a nasty person.

    • Cheryl Kane

      MC was nasty. Phoney tiptoe walk. Hanging on to RJ. like a little kid. NM was no better. For Christ sake, they were raking in millions, and still whining about working together. Maybe you should have to work in a factory or a sewer. How about serving your country in Iraq or Afghanistan. You diva morons. So last yr there were 3 blacks and 1 white judge. I didn’t here whites complaining.
      Lets leave the race card in the damn deck will ha!! Nobody gives a damn anymore.