America Makes Had A Stellar Year In 2013


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America Makes, formerly The National Additive Manufacturing Innovative Institute, was formed in 2012 at the behest of President Obama to start investing in 3D printing and other methods of additive manufacturing. The idea was that this increased focus on 3D printing would help create more jobs in America and kickstart the next industrial revolution. Well, whether or not we're on the cusp of a 3D printer-fueled industrial revolution is still up for debate, but America Makes made some solid progress on other fronts this year.

In an infographic released today, America Makes details all of its accomplishments in 2013. For starters, the initiative boasts that it received $45 million in funding from the American government for the year. America Makes then turned around and used that used that money to team up with MakerBot to create the MakerBot Academy. This particular program aims to put a 3D printer in every school across the nation and America Makes claims to have reached 103,000 students since the program started.

America Makes isn't just about students though. It's also about educating the public on the benefits of 3D printers. That's why it opened the Innovation Factory in Youngstown, Ohio. The facility is open to the public and outfitted with 18 state-of-the-art additive manufacturing machines. In 2013, the Innovation Factory has had 2,500 visitors and that number will most likely increase in 2014 as more people start to learn about 3D printers.

If you want to know more, check out the full infographic below:

America Makes Had A Stellar Year In 2013

[h/t: 3ders] Image via America Makes/Twitter