AMD Sends Subpoenas For Intel Info

    October 7, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The antitrust lawsuit filed by AMD against Intel now sees legal requests for more information zipping around the tech world.

It’s the latest fall accessory in the technology world. Dell, HP, and IBM have them. So do Circuit City, Best Buy, and CompUSA. Even Gateway got one, believe it or not. AMD has done its best to make sure everyone associated with Intel receives one.

The Mercury News reported how AMD has sent dozens of subpoenas to a host of enterprises. They all seek the same information: evidence of anticompetitive practices by Intel, as alleged by AMD in its lawsuit against the world’s leading chipmaker.

AMD filed its suit in June, complaining of several acts by Intel that damaged AMD in the marketplace:

•  Forcing major customers to accept exclusive deals
•  Withholding rebates and marketing subsidies as a means of punishing customers who buy more than prescribed quantities of processors from AMD
•  Threatening retaliation against customers doing business with AMD
•  Establishing quotas keeping retailers from selling the computers they want
•  Forcing PC makers to boycott AMD product launches

AMD’s subpoenas request “any documents dated on or after Jan. 1, 2000, having to do with communications with Intel and the sale of its microprocessors, the use of “Intel Inside” marketing funds, any financial inducements from Intel, discounts offered by Intel, and all purchase histories, including prices paid to Intel from 2000 on,” the report said.

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