AMD Japan Files Suit Against Intel Japan

    June 30, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Similar to a suit filed in America, AMD Japan has accused Intel Japan of monopolistic practices.

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission had already ruled against Intel earlier this year. In March, the Commission directed Intel to remove contract clauses restricting Japanese computer makers from using processors other than those made by Intel.

Intel complied with the request but said it “does not agree with the facts underlying the JFTC’s allegations.”

The JFTC concluded that Intel K.K. interfered with AMD Japan’s business activities by providing large amounts of funds to five Japanese PC manufacturers on the condition that they refuse to purchase AMD processors.

AMD Japan filed two claims against Intel K.K. in the Tokyo High Court and the Tokyo District Court, two days after filing a 48-page complaint in the United States against Intel.

In Japan, AMD says it lost all of its sales to Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi, and suffered precipitous drops in its sales to NEC and Fujitsu as a result of Intel’s illegal acts.

AMD Japan has asked the Tokyo High Court for $50 million USD in damages. Its suit in the District Court asks for unspecified millions in damages.

In its filing, AMD Japan says that Intel asked a Japanese PC maker to remove all AMD-based systems from its product catalog and web site in exchange for a large amount of cash, among other practices.

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