AMD is Ultra-Thin and Ready to Compete


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AMD makes processors for computers, they don't make computers in any capacity however; many are speculating on who will engage AMD to supply processors for a leaner competitor to Intel equipped Ultrabooks'.

So I think the buzz surrounding AMD revolves around price point, especially since AMD has been "ultrathin" for a long time now, offering miniscule sized components since early 2009. In other words, they have been ready for a awhile, the opportunity to be featured in an ultrathin notebook is just something that has yet to come to light.

For the consumer it means the anticipation of a product that competes directly with the Intel equipped Ultrabooks, but is less expensive. Now remember, Ultrabooks are designed to compete against the MacBook Air, and save consumers a lot of bread. So, buyers will expect any AMD equipped Ultrabook knockoff's to be significantly less expensive than an actual Intel equipped Ultrabook.

Is this going to happen? And if so, when? And, will it actually be cheaper? The answer is, I don't know. AMD's new ultrathin 17mm Trinity processors are on their way to the market and ready to be used. There is no telling who will jump on the opportunity to use them in an Ultrabook competitor or how soon it will be.