AMD Cracks Open Geode

    May 24, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The fastest most power efficient chip yet manufactured by AMD, the Geode LX 800 is set for release for use in a range of products.

Working without a fan, the x86 based chip runs Windows XP and XP embedding operating systems. The new Geode is intended for consumer products like Tablet PCs, HDTVs, set top boxes, video recorders, and mobile devices.

Running on less than 2.1 watts of power, the future of the chip will reveal full desktop capabilities on portable systems.

Microsoft’s market dominating curiosity was certainly piqued by the development.

“We are excited AMD’s new Geode LX processor supports Windows XP and XP Embedded. Together, the flexibility of Windows and AMD Geode processors are enabling developers to create a range of new and innovative low-power, high-performance devices,” said Jane Gilson, director of marketing for Microsoft’s Mobile and Embedded Devices Division.

The new Geode series run $45 a piece when bought in bulk.