Amber Vinson, the Dallas Nurse Who Had Ebola, Seeks a Refund From Bridal Shop

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Amber Vinson, the nurse who contracted Ebola and caused a furor when she boarded a plane, sent a letter to an Ohio bridal shop Saturday asking for a refund.

The letter came as a shock to the owner of Coming Attractions Bridal and Formal, Anna Younker, especially considering she had to close the store to have it cleaned because of the Ebola scare last month.

Younker told FOX 8’s Lorrie Taylor she received the notification from Vinson's attorney, asking for a refund of the deposits and payments made towards the bridesmaids' dresses.

"In order to minimize additional public scrutiny, Amber decided it would be best if she used another bridal shop," said Vinson's attorney, Stephen F. Malouf. "Due to the most unusual circumstances, Amber and I would ask that Coming Attractions refund the deposits and payments made towards the costs of the bridesmaids' dresses."

In October, the owner made the decision to close the shop to have it cleaned after Amber Vinson visited the store during a trip to Ohio to prepare for her wedding. The nurse began to develop symptoms of Ebola just before getting on a plane for the return home to Dallas.

Younker said her bridal shop remained closed for few weeks while a professional cleaning company sterilized the store and dresses, losing thousands of dollars as a result.

Younker apparently didn't hear from Vinson until she received the letter on Saturday, which came as a shock, she said.

Vinson was declared Ebola-free in October.

Pam Wright