Amber Portwood Wants To Open A Rehab Facility

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Amber Portwood recently released a tell-all memoir, and she sat down for an interview in which she opened up about her life, both where she's been and where she wants to be.

Portwood, one of the most popular stars from MTV's reality show Teen Mom, spent time in jail and has battled drug addiction since she first appeared on the show. However, she says she has big things in mind for her future.

"It's going to be sort of a boot camp-rehab. I feel like, for addicts... we have a lot of excuses. Sometimes it takes a little kick in the butt in order to move forward. It's going to be counselling, everything you can think of that can help somebody, I'm hoping and wanting to put in my facility. Maybe it's not going to happen very soon, but in the end, before I die, I know that I will have this going on, and it will continue," she told Christian Today.

Portwood will reunite with some of her former castmates for a new MTV show next year, but she says they have all changed since we last saw them. For her, it was important to make fundamental changes in her life once she was released from jail in order to get things back on track and repair her relationship with her daughter, and that included a move to a different town and staying away from the people who were a part of her old life.

"I think people are going to see a different light, this time, of all three of us. We're at different parts of our lives, a lot of change since we've been off TV, and hopefully I can show my fans where I'm at today, and how I've changed. You get to see the kids grown up and talking... it's great. We're filming now," she said.

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