Amber Portwood: Jail Drama Documented On “Teen Moms”

    June 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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22-year old Amber Portwood, one of the young stars of the MTV show “Teen Moms”, recently plead guilty to 1st and 3rd degree felony domestic battery after beating up her child’s father (which was all captured on camera) and denied the chance to attend a rehab program after failing a drug test, meaning she automatically gets a 5-year sentence to prison. And although it’s likely she’ll only do a couple years with the rest served on probation, many are wondering why she would choose hard time over drug rehabilitation and leave her young child behind.

Whatever the reason, fans of the show will get to see Portwood’s side of the story (some of it, anyway) when “Teen Moms” premieres its final season tomorrow night, June 12th. She said on the show–months before her hearing–that she wanted to move on and get past this chapter in her life to create a better one for her family, including her daughter’s dad, Gary Shirley.

“When I get back from rehab, I’m gonna try to get this new contact order dropped,” she said. “Me, him, and Leah can hopefully be together as a family. I just want to get this all done.”

  • Juana

    Anyone can see that Amber has a lot of mental and emotional issues. I hope she is able to get into some kind of group session while doing time and she comes out with a maturity that she and her daughter need, instead of at hard a**.

  • autumn Kemerly

    Everyone has problems…people. need to keep there mouth off amber u go girl loved u on the show u get outta prison and do right for u Gary and Leah Seen Gary in court yesterday LOL…..