Amber Alert Canceled, Boy Found Safe

    July 13, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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The Amber Alert that was issued for 15-year-old Dustin Wade Shaver in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, has been suspended. The boy was found safe and his biological mother, Denise Michelle Shaver, 39, and her companions, Kevin Scott Parrish, 24, and Kayla Hoy, have been charged with his abduction.

The Amber Alert was issued at 11:30 p.m. Saturday and was canceled Sunday morning at 8:20 after the boy was found in Benson, North Carolina. Denise Shaver and Kevin Parrish are being held in the Johnston County Jail, and Kayla Hoy is in the Wake County Jail.

The boy was reported missing earlier in the week, but then Dustin Wade Shaver was thought to be in extreme danger when authorities suspected that his mother was involved. Therefore, the Amber Alert was issued.

After the Alert was issued, tips began flooding in. According to Sheriff Mike Taylor, these tips led investigators to laser their focus on Benson, North Carolina. The arrests were reportedly made peacefully and without incident. The suspects are now awaiting extradition.

Luckily the boy was found safe. As to the strange circumstances that surround his abduction, Amber Alert, and resulting arrest of his biological mother, no other information has been released.

It will be interesting to find out the full story behind this baffling situation. For now, the boy is being returned to his legal guardian. However, there is no information to be found as to who his legal guardian is.

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    Can you say “TWEEKERS”?

  • Brad Ruhle

    I sure hope they put this bitch and her accomplices behind bars for a VERY LONG time. And all of them should be in central population block. Once the inmates find out what they did they’re as good as dead. By the way. She is one UGLY woman!!!

    • Hurricane

      And what exactly did they do to this child? With the exception of the abduction/kidnapping or the ever present politically correct “interference with child custody”, there is no evidence of any other crime being committed, and certainly no crime of a sexual nature. Had the mother and her boyfriend sexually molested him, then I would agree with you. However, as I mentioned before, there is no evidence that ever occurred.

      • Janice

        but the police said they thought he was in extreme danger because of his mother.

        • pabb

          can you spell hyperbole? who does the “guardian” know in law enforcement?


    this is clearly a classic white trash fairytale….. mom lost custody probably due to drugs, abuse, or some combination, hasn’t seen him in a few months took him “home” cuz he belongs with her and her trailer park gang or she just got out of jail blah blah blah glad he’s safe…. feel bad, hope he doesn’t end up like them (sadly, he probably will)

  • jh

    Kill both those fat f*cks. they don’t deserve to procreate.