Amazon's First Live-Action Kids Show Now Available

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Amazon has just released the first seven episodes of their first ever live-action show for kids. It's called Annedroids, and it's aimed at introducing scientific concepts to kids aged four through seven.

According to Amazon:

Annedroids is a live-action adventure series about “Anne,” a young female scientist, her human friends and their android assistants, and the amazing scientific discoveries they make while undertaking the biggest experiment of them all: growing up. The series spotlights, through trial and error, how science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (STEAM) can inspire children to do great things.

Think Dora The Explorer, but with more science.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Amazon on a series that organically showcases the STEAM curriculum by way of a ‘secret garden’ of science, a junkyard environment where it’s not unusual to see a 16-foot claw-like android helping an 11-year-old kid scientist harness lightning to power up her latest invention – and that’s just episode 1!” Said creator and executive producer J.J. Johnson. “With Anne, kid audiences will meet a new type of role model, an aspirational character who loves nothing more than to get her hands dirty and create.”

This is the third kids series to debut from Amazon Studios, the previous two being Tumble Leaf and Creative Galaxy.

Like other Amazon Studios’ originals, they’ll dangle the first few episodes in front of you all at once, and wait to premiere the rest of the season.

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