Amazon Wants To Help You Write The Next Great Film With Storybuilder

    December 18, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Earlier this year, Amazon launched a new tool called Storyteller that aimed to help aspiring screenwriters turn their scripts into storyboards. Now the retailer is launching a new tool to help those who need a little extra help during the concept phase.

Amazon announced today that its launching a new writers tool today called Storybuilder. It takes the concept of writing stories through placing notecards on a cork board and brings it into the digital world. With this new tool, writers will be able to create digital notecards complete with text and images. From there, they can arrange them as they see fit to help them write screenplays.

“Technology is already transforming how filmed entertainment is produced and distributed, and many of the tools writers use to craft stories could become more accessible with a technology update—paper notecards are a perfect example,” said Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios. “With Amazon Storybuilder, we are translating a writer’s physical index cards and corkboard into the digital world and giving them access to their ideas anywhere they are—if an idea pops up writers can edit their digital corkboard instantly on any mobile device. We can’t wait to hear what creators think of Amazon Storybuilder.”

In even better news, Amazon says Storybuilder is free and that it claims no ownership on projects created using the tool. Of course, Amazon probably wouldn’t complain if you gave them exclusive streaming rights to your new film or TV series if it ends up being a hit.

If you want to find out more about Storybuilder, you can join the beta here.

Image via Amazon

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