Amazon Sued Over Holocaust Denial Books

    July 24, 2009

The American Jewish Committee filed a lawsuit Friday against Amazon-Germany for selling books it says question the Holocaust and "trivialize" the Nazis.

The AJC says there are about 50 titles available on that question the Holocaust and promote Nazis.

Deidre Berger
Deidre Berger

Some of the books, the AJC says, are labeled by German authorities as being inappropriate for those under 18.

"It is unacceptable that books are for sale on that normally are only available under the counter in far-right extremist shops," said AJC-Berlin director Deidre Berger.

"We cannot let the spread of Internet sales erode laws that ban Holocaust denial and incitement to hatred of minorities in Germany."

A spokeswoman for Amazon Germany denied it sold any books that were banned or not suitable for those under 18.

"We think that the best response to questionable literature is not removing them but more discussion," a spokeswoman told AFP.

The AJC says the goal of the suit is to get Amazon-Germany to reexamine the books it sells and to remove the books that promote holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.

Denial of the Holocaust is a crime in Germany, punishable by up to five years in prison.