Amazon Puts Statsaholic On The Wagon

    March 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The site formerly known as Alexaholic has proceeded from being lauded by Alexa’s owner,, to being the object of Amazon’s unpleasant, lawyerly advances.

The data offered by the Alexa website has been a fixture in search marketing for years. That focus and the IE toolbar requirement for Alexa may skew data for sites, but Alexa’s longer existence and available information has made it very popular, particularly with a hardcore stats-oriented audience.

Ron Hornbaker, creator of Statsaholic, fits in with that group. His side project isn’t viewed by Alexa or Amazon as a welcome extension of Alexa’s information any longer, as TechCrunch noted today.

Hornbaker blogged about his saga, from the original construction of the site during a long February weekend last year, to his current battles with the site:

About two months after launch, I got a voicemail from Geoffrey Mack, Product Manager at Alexa, requesting that I call him back….The conversation was, on the whole, encouraging and flattering