Amazon Opens Its Own PlayStation Network Store


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From its humble beginnings in 2006, the PlayStation Store has grown from one of the most basic digital storefronts into one of the best. Frequent sales, great selection and day one digital releases are all great reasons to shop on the PSN. Now it's getting even better thanks to Amazon's marketing muscle.

Amazon unveiled its new PlayStation Network digital storefront today where gamers can buy anything that's currently on the PSN through Amazon. In other words, PlayStation fans now have more choices when buying digital content for their Vita, PS3 or PS4.

Kotaku reports that Amazon's PSN store will be offering some special deals as part of its grand opening. For starters, those who buy select digital content through Amazon will get $5 back in PSN credit. This deal is good for those who buy the digital versions of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman: Arkham Origins, Battlefield 4, The Last Of Us, FIFA 14 or Madden NFL 25 through Amazon. The above games' season passes will also net you the $5 credit. It should be noted that this credit can only be used on the Amazon PSN.

If digital games aren't your thing, you will have a chance to net $5 in PSN credit today during Amazon's buy two, get one free sale on all PS4 games. The sale will start at noon today and last for only a few hours. If you're getting a PS4 on Friday, you may just want to take advantage of that to pick up three games instead of two.

With Amazon now having its own PSN store, cost conscious gamers will now have two places to buy digital content for their PlayStation systems. That being said, those same gamers may want to stick to Sony's PSN for now as Amazon only carries a limited number of games, and its DLC selection is slim pickings. Of course, if you've only played the year's big releases, Amazon's store should suffice.

[Image: Amazon]