Amazon Kindle To Get 5,000 More Titles

    May 30, 2008
  has announced that publisher Simon & Shuster will make 5,000 more books available for the Amazon Kindle, pushing the number of books available to 130,00 on the wireless device.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said the Kindle e-books now account for 6 percent of sales among the previous 125,000 titles available on the site in both print and electronic formats.

"This commitment from Simon & Schuster moves us closer to our vision for Kindle, which is to make any book, ever printed, in any language available in less than 60 seconds," said Bezos.

On Tuesday, the company cut the price of its Kindle by $40 to $359 but still has not released details on how many units of the device have been sold. The company has also not released the number of e-books sold on the site. Analyst estimate that Amazon sold about 50,000 Kindle’s in the first quarter of 2008.

Kindle launched last November and Amazon had problems keeping the device in stock. Amazon fixed its supply chain and manufacturing issues, and the device was again available in April.

Even with the price cut, the Kindle is still more expensive than Sony’s rival Reader, which sells for $299.