Amazon Invests in 43 Things Folksonomy Project

    February 8, 2005
  has invested in the start-up behind folksonomy project 43 Things. Another company, called 37 Signals …

… also collaborated on this project. On 43 Things consumers tag their goals and aspirations and can see what others are sharing as well. This may all be part of a grand plan to make Amazon a social commerce site. Remember this?

From The Robot Co-op:

“ has invested in The Robot Co-op. We think it will get easier to meet our goal to Start a company that survives longer than 2 years though we still have lots of work to do. We are excited that we will have a chance to build products that are innovative and change the way people share information and connect online.

Nothing changes about how we run The Robot Co-op or 43 Things. You can check out the FAQ, the Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy if you have questions about any of those items.

To all the folks who’ve tried out 43 things, reported bugs and thought about how we might change the world, thanks for getting us this far!

Posted by Josh Petersen

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