Amazon App Store Going International


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The Amazon App Store has been one of the most successful ventures for the company to date. It's already proven to be more profitable than Google's own Play distribution platform. The only thing really holding it back is that it's only available in the U.S. Amazon is changing that this summer.

Amazon announced today that they are now accepting apps for the Amazon App Store international launch later this summer. Developers will now be able to sell Kindle Fire apps to customers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The move will help Amazon catch up to both Apple and Google as they have been launching their various stores in countries across the planet.

Amazon has a few tips and changes for developers who want to jump onto the international bandwagon. First up, developers will have to choose which countries they want their apps to be sold in. In all honesty, you should probably sell your app in every country that's applicable. You can set your prices for each country separately, but please try to keep to normal conversion rates.

Releasing internationally will probably lead to the localization of your app. Amazon doesn't require that your apps be localized even if you are releasing in foreign countries, but they encourage it. While Amazon doesn't feature their own localization service, there's another Android partner (Google) that can help.

As far as changes go, Amazon is also updating the Mobile App Distribution agreement. The company will now put revenue share at 70 percent of each paid app sale. It used to be 70 percent of the app's sale price or 20 percent of list price with whatever the higher amount was being paid out to developers.

The other change has developers getting more control over their own app distribution. Developers will now be able to set up times to which their apps will be available to Amazon customers. It allows developers to roll out apps to users in different countries over the course of a week instead of it dropping all at once.

If the changes to the developer agreement weren't enough, Amazon has another offer for potential developers to make apps for their platform. They have waived the annual developer fee for 2012 so you can sign up to make apps for the Kindle Fire and the Amazon mobile platform right now.