Amazon A9 / Alexa Using Windows Live

    April 30, 2006

Alexa, the oft-used but never trusted web stats site has switched over its search engine from Google to Windows Live, proudly displaying the new “powered by Windows Live” logo on search results pages.

That probably makes it the first major syndicated search deal for Live, but certainly not the last. I wonder how many queries Alexa serves in a given month.

In a smart idea, Alexa serves thumbnails of the first three search results, mashing up their data with Live’s search. Interestingly, Alexa’s home page lists as their number one gaining site on the net.

(Found on Findory)

UPDATE: Turns out it is more than just Alexa that has switched to Windows Live; Amazon’s A9 search engine has done it, too. Now that is a little more significant, that Amazon has chosen Microsoft over Google. I suspect it has more to do with hurting Google than preferring Windows Live.

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