Amare Stoudemire Fined For Tweeting Gay Slur

    June 27, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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The NBA has fined Amare Stoudemire $50,000 for calling a fan a “fag” on Twitter. The fan originally tweeted “you better come back a lot stronger and quicker to make up for this past season mannnnnn deadasss!!!” So Amare’s comment back to him “really one-ups” this ridiculous taunt. The language, or even the fact that he dignified the fans taunting with response, was really uncalled for, but does it really qualify as an anti-gay slur in this context?


The NBA certainly thinks so, because they have fined him $50,000 for the tweet. No word on what the NBA is going to do with the money. I suggest it be donated to victims of actual homosexual hate related crimes. This is really the only fair way to do this. The comment was not really meant in hatred toward homosexuals, but the NBA doesn’t need to get any money out of this.

The tweets have since been taken down, but Amare Retweeted a hate tweet he got from an anonymous account (warning: it is offensive):

[via: Deadspin]
  • Julia

    Should have fined him a heftier fine, and made him donate specifically to an LGBT charity. Also should have enrolled him in some type of counseling/therapy for discriminatory education.

  • Max

    Is John Davidson the faggot Amare was referring to.

  • Max

    It really must be the end of the world coming with all this respect for gay rights. Its bad enough we live amongst them, but to acknowledge and let them have the opportunity to get married must mean we are approaching the end of times. Gays should be left alone and never ackowledged with the same privelages as a man and woman being together.

    • Haters suck

      I can’t stand walking amongst biggots. Their selfish ways make me sick to my stomach and i wish they would all be shipped to an island where they can cry and whine about each other all the time.

  • shane

    really gays have rights…… it is a choice to be gay not a right. Amare should be applauded and given a real man award. what happened to the right of freedom of speech a real RIGHT. stop patronizing all these gays the want respect earn it….. if not guard your grill and knuckle up. REAL TALK

    • Shane is stupid

      How many times are ignorant inbreds gooing to cry about the 1st Amendment when they don’t even understand it.
      Amare HAS freedom of speech. He spoke!
      His employer fined him. He wasn’t punished by the government you moron!!
      Good Lord we need education in this country more than anything.

  • Dean

    Shane is right. Freedom of speech and Homosexuality is an abomination. God did not want us to live that way!!!