Amanda Todd: Teen Still Bullied After Death

    October 15, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Amanda Todd, 15, posted a video on YouTube in September featuring distressing comments about the fact that she was alone, bullied, and depressed. When no one responded, she turned to suicide.

It all started when she was in the 7th grade and flashed the camera while one of her friends was taping; somehow, a photo of her topless got leaked on the web, and the bullying began. Todd talks about it in the video, and about crying every night out of desperation. Unfortunately, no one reached out to her afterward. She killed herself last week, and now her YouTube page and Facebook memorial pages which have been set up in her honor are receiving a host of ugly messages from those who are still intent on bullying the teen.

The comments, which range from the cruel–a picture of a hanged girl which reads “Todding”–to the unsympathetic victim-blaming that seems rampant these days on the web, are garnering attention from those who set up the pages in Amanda’s honor.

“You want to bully. Go for it — but the RCMP has set up an account for information on people who continue to bully her and it will be my pleasure to report you,” wrote one Facebook user.

Fortunately, Todd’s page has received thousands of supporters and is opening up an awareness about bullying in several communities. But, officials say, those who are willing to bully a girl who has already taken her life won’t just stop there, and if they are caught, there will be consequences.

“It’s really a matter of those who are involved in it to realize the impact of what they are doing and that they are bordering on criminal acts,” said RCMP Sergeant Peter Thiessen. “If we get that type of evidence then we would be quick to lay a charge.”

  • Lisa

    This has got to stop. I’m all for free speech and not have a government police the internet on us. But, for crying out loud. Maybe we should for children under the age of 18, they can’t make an on-line statement unless it’s policed by a parent. How can we stop this? It’s so senseless.

    • joey haywiire

      To be honest, she’s getting so much attention just because she’s probably White and pretty. There’s a whole bunch of poor children who commit suicide all the time and they’re not getting much support as she is. It’s sad, it was probably her fault anyways and people don’t see that, they see her as an innocent girl (bullsh*t). For all we know she’s probably easy! This is just my opinion.

      • Laura

        None of what you just said is relevant. It doesn’t matter how the person is or if she is “easy”. No one in their life should ever feel the need for any reason what-so-ever to take their life this way. Once you lose a family member to suicide you will realize how it feels and maybe you won’t be so cynical about a young girl depressed on account of extreme bullying. Regardless of who she is and what she has done it was the bullying of her peers that caused her to be depressed and take her life.

        • joanna

          you are so dumb! u should jusr stop making your self look lik a dumbasss you people are not human you guys are animals!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • liz

        @ joey haywiire -people like you are the kind of people that made her commit suicide. you reap what you sow. when you wish death on someone you wish it upon yourself.

      • Jaime

        Joey Haywiire- 1 800 choke that hoe (facebook)
        You are just another bully. You are what is wrong with this world. Obviously your mother did not raise you right.

      • proudmama

        To be honest…I feel bad for family members when someone commits suicide. I feel bad that they could only see a permanent solution to temporary problems. I feel bad that so many people feel it is ok to be cruel. I would have the same respect for anyone who committed suicide under these types of circumstances. I do not care about color, social status, and EVERYONE is beautiful to God. He does not make any mistakes. People do not deserve to die just because they are promiscuous. I truly hope you do not ever have to eat your words.

      • brenda

        Shut it dude ur bullying so shut it

        • kaighleigh

          how is that bullying?

    • http://WebPronews Letty Du toit

      I think they should do something about it,lots of teenages are dieing because of bullying and the people who think bullying is funny well its not!,you just making a person feel bad about themselves!!!please follow me on twitter at Swayse2 and on bbm 276253EF >3…Rip Amanda Todd

    • Nick

      White? Really? Now a race issue again. I’m not racist but I leaning more towards it every time I read a dumb ass commit like that.

  • http://Yahoo.com Chase

    Whoever done this should really be punish she was and inicent girl and she didnt know none of this was gonna happen RIP Amanda Todd

  • Shianne

    R.I.P Amanda Todd.

    • Kiss my ass

      Amanda Todd was a slut who posted webcam videos of herself masturbating to many many different people, screwed several guys in relationships when she was 13, then couldn’t handle the rightful backlash of her peers and took the weak way out. I’m glad she’s dead I wish more people like her would die.

      • Karma

        she was a kid, the way the world is growing up, many kids do it, she was bullied for two years straight, no breaks, careful what you say for karma is a bi*ch.

        • Marz

          People like you shouldn’t exist..you’re nowhere near perfect and never will be.

          Do yourself and everyone else a favor …and take your ignorant,hateful,selfish ass and disappear.

          Peace & love..

          • Marz

            @kiss my ass…please read my comment and take note.

            U hateful little animal

      • more karma

        You are a sick person. To wish death on someone else is to wish death upon yourself. Good luck.

      • idiots!

        to all of you people who still put this girl down, she is gone now so why keep it going?
        KISS MY ASS: thatsss rudee! lemme guess you havent made any mistakes in your life. i hope you pay for the comments you make.

      • ***

        You are ignorant which contributes to your hate. If you hate others so much, then you must not think much of yourself. I truly pity you.

      • Jo

        Wow. Ur parents did a terrible job raising u. Very sad

        • Jo

          Not amanda. I meant that lil shit who would say thiga about her

      • LAS

        Kiss My Ass you are a hateful poor excuse for a human being. You are what is wrong with this world. You are the one with a problem. I just certainly hope that you don’t have to face what Amanda faced one day.

      • TEETEE

        RIP AMANDA

      • kluvbug07

        to “kiss my ass”….Seriously? What a pathetic comment that you just felt you HAD to post??? People are going to hate & judge, but only the low-lifes need to post it for others to read. You are just like the bullys…You’ll get your Kharma. Have fun with that! RIP Amanda, no one deserves to be bullied. NO ONE!!!

      • Nick

        Who cares what she did. Years from now it wouldn’t have mattered, what she did. Now people took it to far, even you. When you have a child who makes a mistake or mistakes I hope he or she doesn’t go through the pain this girl did. We all have secrets even you. If they got out would you kill yourself? I hope not. People need attention and do things to get that attention, from sleeping around to taking nude photos. If people like you would have been a positive influence in her life she may have not slept around, taken photos, or committed suicide. No matter what she did it all would have disappeared with time.

      • Jessie

        Fuck you. You’re a piece of shit. Who are you to say that about someone? NO ONE deserves what Amanda Todd went through. Everyone makes mistakes, but that isn’t the way to be punished. Oh, I hope the Lord has mercy on your soul.

      • Once Bullied

        Wow “kiss my ass” I guess you present during these escapades. What does that say about you? I was bullied when I was a child but you are taking it to the Olympic level. What makes you so angry? That you hurt a person to the point of death? Are you feeling guilty? Honestly, you don’t have to answer to any of these bloggers, but can you really say that you live your life with NO flaws or mistakes? Your life is just begining and you will make many bad decisions. Learn compasion and for one day you will need it yourself and no one will offer you any.

      • sam

        and i wish you would die for the uglyness you have in your life and fyi you dumb ass them “boys” you said she slep with slep with her too so they are just as bad if not worse they were the ones in relationships not her grow up you stupid child i hope one day you feel as bad as she did

      • depressed too

        kiss my ass you were probably one of the guys watching the webcast too or you were jealous that she thought you were ugly and didnt give you the time youre sick

      • Irritated with people’s hate

        @ kiss my ass….backlash from her peers. really…get a life…it doesnt matter who she slept with…they all need to mind their own effin business..

      • former bullied teen

        To: Kiss my ass, you know these things you state for fact? I think not. You may assume from one picture that she posted which some pervert proceeded to send out. Check your facts before you speak or you may find someone making up things about you which you would find difficult to live down. And even if what you say is factual that means she had problems in her personal life which she needed help with. And bullying is not a way of helping as it only makes things worse. I suggest you learn more about life before you go stating things and saying things that can come back to haunt you or that you may one day regret as what goes around comes around. I feel sorry for you and your sad outlook on life and people.

      • alexandra

        @Kiss My Ass… I will pray for you.

      • Tim

        Piss on you asshole! Wish you were in the prison I work @ where people like you wind up as someone’s bitch!

      • Cali Edy

        @ kiss my ass . .. you must be gay or picked on and feel the only way people would look at you or acknowledge you is by posting something that would attract you attention. . it seems like you should be the one drinking bleach or jumping off a building, you know what better yet i take that back keep living because I’m sure whatever you’re dealing with is far worse than death. Im glad people like you exist just makes me look better with the ladies and you actually make me feel good about mocking someone, BOOOYEAH

      • one very upset mom

        how could you say that about her??? what right do you have?? i bet you do the same thing!!! she should be alive!!! she should have friends that understand and love her no matter what!!! her parents should be able to hold her right now and say ” its ok hunny, we understand” but NO!!


      • joanna

        to kiss my ass i hope u die ur a little slut i know about you and don’t think i don’t knowok funny thing is you’re making people hat you and they will continue it you would think that maybe you would see what you have done and fix it but no u wanna keep going u stupid liile bitch and you’re an animal ………………….just saying maybe you should dring bleach and die u hoe

      • Gail

        From what I understand you have a lot of your facts wrong. I feel very sorry for you and the lack of compassion you show for someone who was suffering for the mistakes that she made and couldn’t catch a break. I can only assume that you yourself are a child and will someday be mature enough to understand the horrible response you posted and are ashamed of yourself.

      • brenda

        @Kiss my ass can it shut your trap.people who still say stuff about her after she dead. seriously lett her rest dude

      • JUSTICE

        And I think your slut of a mother should have kept her legs closed. Pathetic little KMA, please stay in your mother’s basement and do not reproduce. We have enough useless members in society as it is. Do the world a favor and earn yourself a Darwin Award. Pussy ass bitch.

    • MRF

      Sounds like someone should have threw away her CPU/deleted her face book

      • Meredith

        can’t delete a person’s Facebook until you have a Death Certificate. Many times, parents and spouses do not have the password.

        • proudmama

          That is exactly why I have my kids passwords to everything and they NEED to be stored in our computer. If at anytime they change them without mine or their dad’s permission they lose computer, phone, or whatever else they need to lose until they can show respect. Until they are 18 EVERYTHING in their life is OURS. My kids are not allowed to delete texts or anything until we give them the ok….My friend went as far as to put keystroke on EVERY computer in their house. I heard you can even add it to smart phones now.

          • Miss Lady

            Thats a good way to show you trust your kids. I bet they can’t even go anywhere without knowing who with, their address, phone number, and SS number. I feel sorry for your kids. There’s a difference in being protective and being over-protective, and you are definately the latter.

          • Amberly

            I disagree with Miss Lady. My daughter is too young to use a computer, but when she is old enough, she will probably have similar rules. I am her mom and not her BFF. Plus, I think part of the problem is that these kids can post anything without any fear of consequences. If they know parents are monitoring, they will think before they type. Plus, they might as well get used to big brother watching – they will have to deal with it in the workplace like most of us do anyway!

  • http://www.webpronews.com/amanda-todd-teen-still-bullied-after-death-2012-10 jessyka lewis

    honestly people pickin on her is stupid

  • Charlene Hall

    To whom it may concern: There is a profile on Instagram, their profile name is “Amandatits”, and they are posting cruel and horrific photos and comments about Amanda Todd, it is not just Facebook, but Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Katy

    Bullying should be a huge crime, it needs to stop. Bullying is an act of hate. I was bullied as a child. However, I found the strength inside myself to grow from it. It seems things are alot worst now than when I was a kid. Bullying should be reported by anyone who sees it, and now that I am a mom I teach my kids right from wrong.

  • Jess

    This is really dumb and sick of the bullies… If I were to come across them… I’d be doing life in jail… Plain and simple… They are lucky I’m not from Canada…

  • nj

    Nobodys perfect, maybe she was looking for love and attention in all the wrong places, nobodys perfect, who is to judge! like one half of society is perfect,its ashame because she cried out for help before she commited suicide, people need to stop being heartless, for somebody who never really had the chance to live life to the fullest is sad, people got to look and peep out that the majority of the people who are commiting suicide are young adults. something needs to be done we need more organizations for young adults who are crying out for help, before its too late

  • gabriela

    This people need to stop being evil, They need God in their lives, we are just humans, we all make mistakes. the sad thing is that most of the bullies are teenagers without conscience but one day,justice will come and they will pay for what they are doing. Instead of being resentful, we should pray for them, for they souls, and for the parents of this teenagers, so God can work in their lives and transform them. Life is too short!!

  • Aaron Todd

    R.I.P. Princess. The ones that lead this to happen will be dealt with. It’s obvious that not only the animals that talked to you in the manner they did are ugly inside, they are just as ugly outside. To show you how stupid they are, they are still making posts on Facebook? See how stupid they are. You can rest now, at least where you are, you’ll be in great hands. Laws will get tougher now, and that’s because of the torture you went through. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

    AT-Aaron Todd /AT Amanda Todd RIP

    • Meredith

      My heart goes out to you, Aaron. My fiance’ committed suicide as well. Nothing feels right, nothing tastes right. One day at a time, and their pain is over.

    • Jen S


      I am so sorry for your family’s loss. This whole situation has just made me sick. We lost a young boy at my daughters HS a few weeks ago. RIP Amanda Todd.

    • joanna

      my heart goes out to the family

  • http://Facebook Dee

    yall are some rude ass people nobody deserves to die nomatter what has happen in their life . there is just too many people that HATE & Are JELOUSE of others .if i was one of her family members i would of defenitly did something to those kids and not just fight they’ll get the beaten to death! r.i.p amanda todd.

  • http://rude hollie

    how would you know what she has been throught ?? so before u post some thing rude about her think about her seeing these posts about her and how terrible it made her feel . R.I.P AMANDA TODD <333

    • proudmama

      Sadly they would have to have feelings to care about how reading this would make her feel. Today’s kids are so insensitive and self serving. It truly is sad.

  • Marz

    These ignorant stupid kids/animals that are bashing her in the comments below…seriously need to disappear from this planet. Why dont you hateful little f***s go drink bleach and jump off a cliff. SO WHAT if she made dumb mistakes in HER life….thats no reason to bully her and wish her death.she could’ve been something big in life,who knows.she’ll never have that chance now…bullies need to get a life..seek god and love…HATE gets you nowhere and makes you an ugly person all around.

    R.I.P Amanda

    …what goes around comes around.these bullies will suffer more than you.

    • Cucumber Melon

      I hate to say it but you’re doing exactly what the bullies did to this poor little girl. Now, you’re the one telling the commenters below to end their own lives.

  • Alysha


  • Leslie

    This is such a sad thing….I really wish that young people would realize you only have to put up with idiots like that for a few years and when your out of school you never have to deal with them again…suicide is not the way to go…she was a beautiful young lady who made mistakes she did not deserve this and still does not deserve this…showing your boobs to someone is not a reason to harass someone forever

  • Jake Normandin

    People really make me feel sick. So much hatred in this world. Now look what your bullying has caused. This world has lost a beautiful angel who lived in depression because of hate and bullying. God Bless you Amanda Todd your story has touched my heart and I hope many eyes are opened on what bulling can do. I will see you one day in heaven angel.

  • Your an idiot

    Your a fucking moron do you realize in todays world that kids are having sex at 12 13 years old? Just because she had sex with someone doesn’t make her a bad person and if you were a young kid and you were on webcam and a girl said show me your dick you know damn well you would if you say no your a liar. Your really just a biased asshole who should die for being such a stupid fuck.

  • Natalie

    Wow! I know a few people who’s mothers should have been chased with a wire coat hanger…kiss my ass, joey haywiire and sooo many more.

  • EricO

    On the internet there are ways to track you down, but only with the aid of the webmaster, and the ISP (and it usually involves the authorities).

    For the most part to the rest of the world you are anonymous. You can seemingly say whatever you would like without reprisal or repercussion. It is this format that brings out the ulgiest in humanity. Talking tough on the internet has become meaningless. Most message boards are less about exchanging ideas and more like graffiti.

  • http://facebook donbest

    kids killing kids weapon facebook

  • RIP Amanda

    @ kiss my ass you need your ass beat plain and simple.. Im pretty sure your not soo perfect either…..You just have never been caught! haha People that do petty stuff like masterbate and sleep with boyfriends dont deserve to die!…. And if you really think like that then somebody needs to teach you a lesson…. RIP Amanda!! Your BEAUTIFUL and Im pretty sure alot of your tormentors were just jelous…… xoxox

    • Merri

      People who tease people and bully them are all losers. Get a life…your so pathetic. This girl never deserved to be talked about and harrassed no matter what she did. Ever person who is associated with her misery leading to her death and many others like her need to have a slow painful payback. I dont wish bad things on people but this world is rediculous anymore with their callous ways

  • MomJ

    Her parents were obviously aware to some extent of her issues with promiscuity as well as unstable mental condition. Facebook did not kill this girl, she chose to take her own life. Yes, it is very sad, heartbreaking, whatever but how many times are you going to change schools and run from problems you yourself created. The saddest part of this story is HER PARENTS. It is/was their responsibility to protect her and get her the help she needs and quite frankly deleting a facebook page and keeping her off YouTube would have probably been a pretty good start. She was advertising anywhere she could for attention, and I dont think she really cared if it was good or bad and that is heartbreaking. Her parents failed her its as simple as that.

    • Plysy

      you are an out of touch older mom…apparently! FB is a huge issue with teens today…it is there phone of the past…so thinking that FB doesnt and utube and any and all social media doesnt have the ability to assist in suicide tell you you how out of touch you truly are…assuming her parents failed her is an ignorant and unknowing assumption…shame on you voicing your personal shortcoming on the parents of this girl, you have NO idea what they went thru, you are only guessing. Be careful about those stone…living in that glass house and all.

      • MomJ

        ignorant and unknowing assumption?? If your child drank bleach would you have maybe thought she needed serious help that a change of school couldnt fix?? You must know all about those glass houses.

        • JJBean

          Thank you! Someone really needs to come to the reality of the situation. No her parents couldn’t of stopped the initial bullying….but if they had any control over her internet use and promiscuity issues they could have nipped this in the butt a long time ago….And that’s coming from a 17 year old.

    • http://Facebook Malissa Taylor

      WOW !!! YOU are a real piece of TRASH !!! She was not crying out for attention, but rather for help. Blaming her parents is unfathomable..what if it were your child? Would you be such an insensitive bitch then ?!?!?!?

      • MomJ

        That is my point exactly, it would NEVER be my child because I take a more proactive role in making sure they have the ability to make good decisions. Calling me a piece of trash for having an opinion is classy. Insensitive? No not at all I feel very bad for Amanada and yes her parents should have clearly found help for her after she drank bleach?? Did we forget there were other incidents and several school changes?? I would also go as far as to blame the parents of the “bullies” as well. Nobody wants to take the blame anymore, as parents it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to protect OUR children. She was crying out for attention, she needed attention, and by this I mean HELP too. Read what I said and get off your high horse. I am not bad mouthing Amanda in any way but she needed attention and she needed help. Facebook and other social media is a big part of a teenagers life I get that but you can also block and ignore. There are obviously better ways to deal with bullying than suicide and again that lies 100% with the parents.

        • Ummmkay!

          They did try to help her. She was on anti anxiety meds and anti depressants. That shows they cared enough as parents to seek professional help. It isn’t ALWAYS negligence on the parents. It’s easy to say that your children would never do anything like that. I’m sure they tell you everything.

    • Meredith

      As a high school teacher, I see students who are “banned” from facebook at home, but they have a page and access it ANYWHERE. Keeping a kid off a computer in today’s age is not just difficult, it is close to impossible. How are her parents at fault? When you were 13, did you talk to your parents about EVERYTHING?? Today’s teen is much more secretive to their parents, posting everything in the world to their peers and cruelty is the problem. Many kids have no compassion, kindness or consideration for anyone other than themselves. We spoke of Amanda today, and about 60% of my kids were kind–the other 40% didn’t care at all or said she deserved to die. What kind of people n are THOSE kids being brought up to be?? Murderers, thieves, rapists, pedophiles and worst–yes, there are things worse. EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS–but those that set out to hurt her, that told her to kill herself, that called her names, that circulated her pictures, the man that blackmailed her–these are the true criminals.

      • Terry

        thank you self-esteem movement…you’ve created a group of kids who love themselves, yet can’t love others, because they’re too busy loving themselves
        parents who need to hear this: stop being friends to your kids and start being parents! I’m a teacher. I see it every day, sadly

  • Irritated with people’s hate

    I cant believe people still talk crap about her. Come on…do you not have anything better to do. I dont care what stupid mistakes she made..those were her mistakes to learn from and grow from the experience and take the experiences to adulthood…but some peices of shit losers took all that away from her. If I were her parents I would sue every person involved if not take matters into my own hands. this world is rediculous. Kids who talk crap about others have problems

  • JOE

    what a tragedy she needed help she had low self esteem i wonder about her home life i think something should be looked at there also she was seeking attention good or bad i wonder if she was molested …not saying she was but this poor child had some real issues R.I.P amanda i know god is holding you in his arms

  • Louise

    This breaks my heart! I’m so sad this beautiful young girl was so tortured and depressed that she saw this as her only source of peace. I pray for her family to someday find comfort and happiness again. Rest in peace Amanda in the arms of the angels, you can finally know happiness and serenity.

    • Jake Normandin

      Louise well said, this world needs more people like you

  • Vickie

    Where were this poor girls parents through all this?
    what about the initial guy who posted the picture? He should be brought on charges of distributing child porn. The boy and his girlfriend are a class act… oh and hey girlfriend – he cheated on you…..guys what he’ll cheat again.

    RIP Amanda.

  • Cucumber Melon

    To those who are wishing bad things on the ignorant, immature, childish comments below, PLEASE don’t continue the cycle by suggesting they end their lives, they drink bleach, etc. This doesn’t make us any different than the bullies that drove this poor little girl to take her own life. I see the underlying good intention by doing so but it doesn’t make us any different. Just wish them luck on the path they are currently on.

  • http://yahoo.com miss poo

    Poor girl she didnt deserve to be tormented by those stupid punk kids. she made mistakes by befriending and trusting those evil kids, and they sabotaged her. I wish someone like a teacher or mentor helped her, it was obvious she needed it. These stupid kids who drove her to suicide deserve to be punished and the book thrown at them!!!!!

  • Scott

    Its sad to read about this and how stupid people can be. Then when something happens like this happens its to late to take back the names and harsh things said once that person is gone. Just because you feel the power to be in control or have been bullied yourself doesn’t make it right to repeat the cycle. Shame on you idiots to make kids this age feel like they need to take their own lives for nonsense when alls they want is someone to reach out and help them. May god have mercy on your souls.

  • Cali Edy

    I do agree that she may not have made the best decisions, but that is no reason for the people who were harrasing her to make it their lifes goal to torment her even after she moved and wanted to do nothing with them. I myself went thru alot of discrimination when i moved to iowa in 92, i was one of very few latinos and had to fight my way to respect. I feel for you Amanda but you really messed up and commited the ultimate wrong mistake…. all i ask is where were the parents? why did they let it get so out of hand? I wish i would have seen the video beforehand and i would have offered my experience. Its funny the people that made fun of me as a kid are all lowlifes now and peaked out in high school while im loving my successful life. RIP Amanda

  • Tim Heavrin

    As a former victim if bullying myself who, thanks to long military service has learned the necessary self-confidence to survive & stand up to such scumsucking bottom feeders as killed Amanda, my heart goes out her family! The bullies responsible as well as all others who could have acted to stop it but didn’t have her blood on their hands! And they will one day answer for it before a Higher Authority!



  • Tim

    Too much hate & bullies in this world. I feel for Amanda & her family. Hope justice will be done to kiss my ass & the rest who are bullying her even in death! Good luck to the RCMP in tracking down these scumbags.

  • Matt

    Wow, Mr or Ms “kiss my ass” You truly make me sick. All I can say without losing my temper is to quote my grandfather when he once confronted some stupid teenagers that were screwing up and down his reletivly calm street on motor cycles, the said street was off the main road. He said” I have several children whom play near this road, and grandchidren…several…and if anything were to ever happen to any of them due to your irresponsiblty…Well, Lets just say I wouldn’t want to be responsible for what I might do.” I’m really trying here, as i know your kind feed of of this, but I’ll bite…If anything were to happen to one of my children due to filth like you mr/ms kissmyass, I would gladly rot in jail after I wrapped my hands around your worthless neck and squeezing every last bit of air from your pathetic lungs…

  • Liz

    I am not going to blame the victim. She was a child. However, I have to ask where were her parents in all of this. Is this their fault? Absolutely not. They did not bully their daughter. However, all of this online bullying could easily be avoided if parents did a better job of monitoring their children’s online activities. Computers should only be in common family rooms and the only person with the passwords should be the parents. It’s like that whole Kiki Kannibal/Dakota Rose situation.

    I know it’s not cool to supervise, but the reality is kids do not have the decision making skills to put their lives out on the internet and deal with the repercussions of those decisions.

  • Shannon

    How do you report abusive comments? Some people should be bloked from being able to post anything unless constructive or relevant to the story. Hateful, abusive comments do not add value to this story or make the subject any easier. Grow up people…grow up.

  • one very upset mom


    • Meagan

      Internet warrior. Sit down and shut up

      • Kelly Harris

        Seems to me Meagan that you are part of the problem. People can sometimes only care and pray and may not have the choice to be there in person. If you have such a problewm with us caring, please tell us……JUST WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

      • Betsy Grella

        Internet troll. Shut up.

      • Dandelion Wine

        ok, big girl, wallow safely behind your computer screen. I feel badly (not really) That the soup kitchen’s donations have diminished.

    • Dandelion Wine

      Ditto. I understand (mother of two beautiful grown girls.)

  • Liz

    The person that bullies does it because of their inadequate ability to find anything good about themselves. Their low self esteem and dislike for them selves brings out jealously of others that they really feel inferior to. I hate that this beautiful sensitive child got caught in the middle of this horrid persons inability to find his/her own worth. The shame is on you. Once found you will get help. I pray you remember the child you denied the help to and you exploded.
    May GOD hold Amanda’s family close and help them through this extremely hard time.

    • Teri

      I know that those of you who live in a perfect world where you never make mistakes may not fully understand that mistakes happen.. they should not lead to the cruel and twisted way this young girl was tormented and eventually KILLED by those who obviously need to learn what compassion is. You are telling me that you have never made a mistake that cost you anything. Kids are kids for a reason.. they do not have the “filters” so to speak to adequately understand the ramifications of what a “silly” act in their minds can turn into. Whom she decided to have sexual relations with and even the flashing were stupid kid things to do .. not a death sentence and that is what she was given. Maybe a little less ignorance and a lot more work on those kids who think its “funny” to tell someone to kill themselves is in order. She accepted the consequences from her choices.. hopefully those who chose to bully then and even NOW after her death will think for one moment what this would feel like if it was someone they loved. Stones in glass houses are dangerous and YOU must certainly pay attention to that. She is gone now.. but there are THOUSANDS of other kids that this happens to EVERYDAY .. someone needs to speak for them because they have been beaten down emotionally. It’s time to wake up. Going outside won’t stop the bullying …In fact it just adds to the ignorance. Teach your children to be kind, to offer friendship to ALL people .. to have enough respect for themselves and others to not be the bully … That is pretty much common sense. Feeling superior over a child because they made a mistake makes you no better than those who tormented her or the hundreds of other kids who have chosen death over life .. a life that will get better .. but as anyone who has ever LIVED a life knows, thats hard to imagine when all you have is your feelings TODAY. Reach out to kids and for GODSSAKE – please wuit blaming social media for EVERYTHING … Times change, mistakes are made but they can be changed and that is the message that needs to be spread.. Be kind.. everyone has had a point in their life when they felt alone.. even surrounded by groups of people.

      • Meagan

        Oh my goodness shut the heck up

        • Dandelion Wine

          You said, “bring on the comments” in so many words. Be careful what you wish for. Some people DO care about a dead girl.

        • Gail

          Meagan, maybe you should have followed your own advice.

  • molly

    What kids should learn from this:

    1. Don’t get naked online if you don’t want the world to see.
    2. Don’t sleep with people in relationships if you can’t handle the consequences
    3. Turn off your computer/phone and go outside

    It’s a sad story, but bad choices have consequences. When will kids learn that everything you do online is for the world to see. If you don’t want your friends/parents/employers/teachers to see, don’t do it.

    • breanne mckinney

      Wow you are ignorant please inlighten me of how this was amandas fault

  • Martha

    This is such an unneccessary suicide. I will keep Amandas family in my prayers. Unfortunately it is too late to save Amanda, but hopefully what I have to say can help someone else. Bullying has to be stopped!! It has already killed too many people…both young and old !To the ones who are the bullies….stop and think of what you are saying and doing to others. Put yourself in their shoes, and think before you open your mouths and say things that hurt others beyond repair and remember if you can’t say anything nice to or about someone, don’t say anything at all! think of how you and your family would feel if this was happening to one of you. If you dont like someone, just stay away and not talk to them. . . .you dont have to lower your standard to pick on or bully them! It is better to remain quiet and be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!!

  • kimberly gregory

    I am so angry that noone reached out and helped her and even more disappointed that these goddam kids are still running their mouths about this, I am disturbed by all the facebook comments, and seriously disturbed that my niece was a part of that ignorance

    • Nika

      Megan u must be a dum ass red neck to say what u said about a girl who took her life to get away from beginning bullied, like u said u did not know her. While I don’t know u but I can tell that u did not have the right up bringing and i will pray for u that u get your shit together.

  • kimberly gregory

    I am so angry that noone reached out and helped her and even more disappointed that these goddam kids are still running their mouths about this, I am disturbed by all the facebook comments, and seriously disturbed that my niece was a part of that ignorance

  • Beckey Curtis

    Oh sweetheart how I wish I would have seeen this before now. Im not sure you would have responded to me because I dont know you but, I care! I really do! I can say bad things about those who hurt you but that wont bring you bac. Oh please if anyone ever feels this way reach out, someone cares, I promise you this!

  • http://facebook polly marie

    Don’t feel sorry for amanda beacasue she was bullied to death. You should feel sorry for Amanda because she was bullied to death and nobody did squat about it. oh but it’s ok. Its like that at my school to. I just take what i get and leave it alone. this has happened to me twice and i kept my mouth shut the whole time except i didn’t do the things she did. i am 18 years old and a senior in high school. Nobody should be treated the way Amanda was treated. NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amberly

      Polly Marie – for what it’s worth, when you get older and get the chance to look back and see where you are and where your bullies are – I promise you will end up in a better place with a better life. It ALWAYS happens that way. That’s the rule of Karma/Life, one can’t send out negativity like that and not pay a price for it somewhere down the line. I “researched” the girls who made my high school life hell – for the first one, I found four different mugshots of her husband online, I saw that her daughter goes to an alternative school where they send kids with discipline problems (apple didn’t fall far from the tree), and the other is an easy example of what a lot of people would call a loser. I have an amazing life, and believe it or not, part of me actually feels sorry for them. So Polly, I don’t even know you, but I am praying for you to continue to be strong and I promise that strength will take you far in life. And, in 15 or so years, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

    • Kelly Harris

      I know it sounds cliche, but it gets better. I was right where you are hun with no friends and bullied all the time. Except in the 1970’s it was called “good teenage fun”. It DOES get better. I am 50 now and have a wonderful life, good friends and a great family. Just hang in there kiddo and know, that I, for one will think of you often.

    • Dandelion Wine

      Good luck to you… I mean it! You’re right (probably) about her having no love/attentive/support system. A lot of kids don’t have that and feel alone in this world; isolated. It’s hard enough to get through with full parental/family support!

  • Meagan

    Seriously?! You people are pathetic. You all think that by saying you feel bad for this girl, you’re doing the world some good. Well newflash. IT DOESN’T MATTER! She died. The idiotic child flashed the camera and couldn’t handle the consiquences. It’s her own fault. She brought this upon herself. But there wasn’t a need to drink bleach. For goodness sakes! Suicide wasn’t the answer. So either get off your arses and do something about bullying, or sit down, shut up, and move on. Stop trying to be internet warriors. And guess what else? I didn’t know her and I don’t freaking care that she died. It has nothing to do with me or you so give the girl some peace. Got a problem with what I said? Feel free to comment on how I am such an awful person.

    • chuck

      What a ass you are. You are probably one of the bully types that has helped this kind of thing accross the country. And I bet you go to church and think that you are one of God’s good people. Until we take a serious stand againest bullying this going to go on. Yes you said it right She was a child. A child that made a mistake that no one NO ONE was really willing to help her and understand what she was feeling. This why some kids go postal. This poor baby only took her own life, a tragic thing in itself. But what if she decided to take some of her bullies with her? Bullying is not part of life it is part of getting someone killed.

    • Naya

      well maybe when u become a mom some day if ur ever able to become a mom maybe this will happen to one of your kids & they will kill themselves & so will you for being such a jerk about someone killing themselves. it doesn’t hurt until it happens to u or maybe u can explain it to satan the day u die.

    • Cucumber Melon

      Meagan, you are right. No one is denying Amanda Todd’s actions. In fact, she owns them in the video that has gone viral.

      With that said, what do you have AGAINST people that have compassion for this girl and her family? And how are you for certain that the folks who have compassion are not doing anything about bullying in real life? What do you have against her that you feel the need to be so angry in your replies?

    • sarah


      you have got alot of nerve to speak that way about someone who you have no idea what her life was like. I am a mother of 5 and let me tell you, i have a daughter who was/still is being bullied and it started when she was in 6th grade. She didnt do anything except be her self and people were/are cruel to her. To this day she still has to deal with assholes like you and she has cut her self in the past. you should be ashamed to have even voiced your opinion about any of this. do you have any children of your own, or are you the bullying type who doesnt care what people think. If that is the case then I guess you are right you dont care. But if you have a child all I can say is I hope you dont have to go through what Amanda and her family went through. God help you.

    • willow

      Meagan, in this world, people are not as perfect as you are. Everyone makes mistakes or does stupid things from time to time. But that DOES NOT give anyone anywhere the right to torment someone to the point that they would want to end it this way. You said, ” I didn’t know her and I don’t freaking care that she died.’ then why even bother to read or even post anything? She was a child and did not deserve the way she was treated over a mistake. No Meagan, you and the other perfect people in this world are the one’s who are pathetic.Now see how you like it. :)

      • http://WebProNews Lanelle Valenzuela

        I totally agree with you Willow. This little Megan girl should have here mouth washed out with soap,and them slapped! I COULDN’T EVEN FINISH READING HER POST….I was so upset! She was a little immature to realize how a flash on web would damage her! Megan I wish I had never read what u wrote…but I still have to pray that you actually live long enough to ask for forgiveness!!God forbid YOU…precious one..should make a mistake!

    • http://facebook concerned dad

      hey Megan you are a complete IDIOT, a bully yourself of course…grow up and start by liking yourself then and only then maybe you will like yourself and others….there re to many people like you in this world, maybe some good will come of this and bullies will be arrested nd jailed at any age….get a life and become a human being not a punk like those who caused her to take her life…..asshole !

    • Angela

      Wow…I think the pathetic one here is YOU! We have all made mistakes in our past. She was trying to move on and start over and it was OTHERS that would not let her. The question to ask is WHY??? What purpose does it serve those that bully? Does it make them feel better about themselves? If that is what it takes then there is really something sick in their heads and hearts. For godness sakes, she was only 15. Bottom line is that bullying is evil and hurtful and has horrible consequesnces. If you do not care that someone dies, you are just as heartless and sick as the ones that drove her to this!

    • Paul Petty

      I think you need to chill out. She made ONE mistake. Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s all the BULLIES’ fault for nagging it on and on!

    • sammie

      yu fucking bitch!!!!! What if that was yur fuckin daughter that did that??!?!?!?!?! would yu still think the same thing??? What if yur best friend or yur sister or a close family member did this???!?!?! would yu still say oh well she was dumb enough to do it?????? yu are a horrible person and i pray that yu one day find a heart as well as yur soul

    • sammie

      talking to that megan bitch btw

    • tonirae

      meagan this girl did thiis because people like you! people who dont care for her or nobody she did this becuz people like you think thats there fault well no i blame assholes like you that are inconsiderate fuckers and only care about themselves i know you would care if it was your family or your child so shed some light on y you aint worried aboutt it now? selfish girl

    • Kimberly Wildman-James

      Wow……..unbelievable, but I guess there will always be ignorant people in the world. Suicide is never the answer but sometimes the only way out for people that feel alone and worthless. You have a lot of nerve calling her an idiot. Children make mistakes and if they do, they certainly do not deserve cyber bullying or any type of bullying period. Hopefully, you or your own will never feel the effects of bullying. And how do you know what we so called “internet warriors” are doing to stop bullying? This is where sympathetic, empathetic human beings can express their emotions over a travesty and tragedy

    • Dandelion Wine

      Something tells me you’re a fat, angry person who’s filled with self-loathing. You’re probably jealous of this (late)beautiful young lady because it’s a kind of attention you never had… therefore can’t identify with her…and moreover hate her for it even in her death. Your phrase, “Idiotic child”.. speaks more volumes about yourself than you could ever write. I wouldn’t call you heartless, I’d call you a sociopath.

    • Cathy

      Not that I don’t believe children shouldn’t have consequences to their actions, I believe that children are very vulnerable and for you to say a 6th or 7th grader deserves years of torment and being treated like shit, you have another thing coming! I am guessing that you never did anything wrong. Maybe you think your God, but I believe that you have some skeletons in your closet with that attitude!! Let God determine what people deserve. I sure hope you are judged that harshly!!

    • Gail

      Wow…I am sad that you would have this type of reaction to a child committing suicide. IT DOES MATTER!!!! She was a child who made some bad choices but did she need to pay for that forever? You suggest that people should give the girl some peace but then you also said that you “don’t freaking care.” Which is it? You should try some compassion. Maybe that is something her death could help is bring awareness to this type of situation so that maybe the next person isn’t treated like this. I am sad for you and sad for her.

    • breanne mckinney

      You need to get the hell over yourself. who do you think you are disrespecting her like that. I don’t care if you are the president of the united states. you don’t disrespect her. What if it was you. and besides no one deserves to be bullied I don’t care what you do. everyone deerves a second chance

  • Amanda

    Have any of you ever seen the movie Odd Girl Out? It is a very good movie and I think this is exactly what happened to Amanda, along with many many other girls and boys. My heart breaks to think that young people want to end their lives before it even starts!

  • just me

    she thought she was bullied, because of flash, but prolly she would have been bullied anyway. my niece has been bulled and called whore, slut, etc, and she never did anything.

    • http://facebook concerned dad

      being adopted and growing up in a small town was no joyfull thing as a kid, always looking over my shoulder because of regular beatings after school and no one to come to my defence because of parents back in the mid to late 60’s never involved themselves with crap like this…..I know what you are feeling mr. and mrs. Todd….hope that God keeps her heart and soul safe and warm and never let any little asshole hurt her in any way again….my thoughts are with you and hope all will be good in your life again some day….it takes time but we never forget but inside it takes time but we do heal… this world is very hard on young kids, we must keep them close and protected but on the other hand cannot be with them always……this has sadden my heart in a BIG WAY and hoe that Amanda rest in peace….Thank You !

    • aimee clark

      look ok everyone is different not everyone an handle that kind of peasure. so take your comments somewhere else. thank you.

  • http://yahoo Maria

    This was by far one of the saddest videos I have ever watched, my heart is broken for this beautiful girl. The people who caused her to suffer and eventually take her own life will suffer themselves one day. I hope parents let their children watch this video so they realize the consequences of bullying. I wish someone could have been Amanda’s friend and saved her. Rest in peace beautiful Amanda. Maria

  • kymm

    I just saw her video and I am in tears crying right now, she was so beautiful and all she wanted was too have friends and be liked> Amanda I promise you will stay in my heart forever and when I look at the stars at night I know I will see a Angel her name is Amanda. Nobosy! needs too be treated like that no matter what, and who are these so called! TOUGH PEOPLE! that judged her in the first place. They make me sick! To think they thought it was funny what they did to her. And I really pray her parents find who did that to her and prosecute them too the fulliest extent of the law!

  • angela

    why does everyone keep saying if she couldnt handle the consequences of sleeping with another girls man then dont… hello how do any of u know she knew he had agf? why isnt that his fault HE was the one with the gf and cheated not her she was single so how does that make her a whore? u people that come on her to talk shit and call her names and then admit you dont even know her are just plain idiots . hell that guy could have told her all kinds of things and lied the whole time he could have been her first u never know either way if he was or wasnt just because he was with someone else doesnt make her a whore it makes him a scumbag and the gf a dumb bitch for takin it out on the wrong person she didnt cheat on her the bf did… lol fucking ignorant children

  • hotdogvol

    Kim K does a lot worse and she’s a multimillionaire. Woot!

  • Mike

    I really never heard about the Amanda Todd situation. A friend approached me and talked to me about it, and the more we talked, the more I started to agree with him. I DO NOT AGREE with BULLYING, but when do we start placing the blame on the bullied parents or society? Why did she feel she needed, to flash her body,sleep with boys. We are hearing tonnes from her mother now but where the heck were her parents!! Raise your CHILDREN to be BEAUTIFUL,STRONG,INDEPENDENT,SELF-LOVED!!! Don’t let or make them rely on others for comfort…..LOVE/TEACH/NURTURE your CHILDREN!!!!!!! CNN,CBC,NBC,CBS…stop broadcasting the HATE!!!!
    Remember, everyone has an opinion…….Teach your children, that’s just “IT”..everyone is allowed to a opinion……….weather it is right or Wrong..it is a opinion!!! you all know the saying!!!! A Quote from my friend..”we are building a wimpy society..STEP UP PARENTS”

  • Wendy

    The people who drove her out to commit suicide are murderers. I hope that they live their lives in hell in what they have done to a beautiful young girl. If only I have seen her video sooner I would’ve reached out. I would never let anyone be bullied because of other people’s insecurities. RIP Amanda.

  • Michael Newton

    for those who didn’t read the article,her parents DID try to help. They took her to counseling and confronted the principal.yes,she made mistakes that she owned up to. just how long does somebody have to pay for a mistake? lost in all of this is the pervert who leaked her pic AND followed her from town town. get some facts people.

  • Michael Newton

    Meagan,your immaturity really shows in your comments. perhaps you are dealing with issues in your life. you need to take a long look at yourself. I truly pity you as you are headed for a life of misery

  • Internet Warrior

    The story of Amanda Todd is very upsetting and my prayers extend out to her family and friends for having to deal with this tragedy. Especially being such a young and beautiful girl. Those who comment on this in a negative manner are obviously in a similar situation and it’s the only reach for help that can possibly be made. That being the case, I wish nothing but the best for you and hope that you seek help in a professional manner than trying to deal with it yourself. Life will get better, you just have to keep the strength alive!!!

  • Anonymous

    This story raises more good awareness that is needed in the world. Megan’s comments were rude and insensitive to Amanda Todd’s family. How dare you call a dead child idiotic, she was 15! A teenager maybe but still a child! At the young age you make mistakes. They are not adults and often don’t understand the consequences of their actions or how to deal with them. Don’t assume to know how she felt. She needed a support system to help her learn from her mistakes and know that life can go on. I believe in speaking my voice in public,on the internet, wherever and to whom ever will listen. As a person who is around young children often, I speak to them so they know about situations like this and how to deal with them.

  • That One Dood

    This story is one of many stories that is happening today in our society. I am a current high school student and I personally think schools are reaching out more to stop the bullying than ever before (well atleast in Texas that is). Some big contributors to that is Rachel’s Challenge. Although I think its a little over the top the way they do things, they spread the word about the bad stuff people do to others causing them to kill themselves. Personally, I don’t know why someone would want to terrorize her. Shes really a pretty girl. Maybe they wanted attention. Im not sure. All I know is that that person(s) is a total dick who is going to hell for what he did to her and all bully’s like him/her will do the same.

  • marie

    People only care about Amanda Todd’s story because she was a pretty white girl who posted her video on YouTube. How many teen kills themselves daily and never receive media attention. I do feel bad that someone so young killed themselves but when you portray yourself like a whore don’t be angry when people start assuming your one. She masturbated on camera and flashed herself then got surprised when one of the guys threatened to put her picture on Facebook. She made poor decisions one after the other she put herself in a position where she was going to get picked on and cyber bullied. I have little sympathy for people who knowingly make bad decisions and get shocked by the results. I hope her story transcends to little girls to have more self-respect for themselves.

    • cyndi

      And I’ll just bet you never did anything remotely stupid in your life, right? Do you not remember being a teen? Those years are confusing AT BEST. Get your head out of your ass and use your brain for what it was intended.

    • jenna

      she never masterbated in cam….that ones a false rumor….she only flashed it was like in 6th grade when she flashed a year later it was leaked.

    • Nel

      That does not give ANYONE the right to bully her. She was young & probably wasn’t thinking it would haunt her. You say you have little symphathy for people who put themselves in knowingly bad situations..? This picture followed her from 7th grade! it wasn’t just yesterday. That’s where you make really bad mistakes & learn from them. These people didn’t let her live to learn. She was only able to hurt & regret. I can agree with your last sentence, but honestly, you cant get upset that one story about suicide gets more attention than another. Some impact others harder & others are being honored in their own small community. All suicides are heart breaking, teen or adult, but rather than worrying about how many suicides people are aware about, lets work on making sure there are no more to talk about.

    • Olivia


      Whilst I understand what you are saying, the fact is this young girl took her own life and regardless of what she did, she did not deserve to be harassed in the way she was to drive her to that tragic action. It should not matter what she did, she is dead now because of it and the fact that all you can do is point out how foolish she was, it’s not your duty to judge her for it. That does not send a great message to today’s youth. “Oh yea well if you kill yourself it is because you were foolish and deserved it”..that’s exactly what you are saying and that is a horrible message to send. May Amanda RIP and my prayers are sent out to her family and those who cared about her and loved her.

    • Gail

      She was a child when she did these things and didn’t deserve to be harrassed the way that she was. I feel sorry for you and your lack of compassion for for this child. Are you really trying to say if this happened to a person of color that nobody would care? I am sorry that you are still looking at people and judging by thier color.

  • Sarah

    Please sign this petition to support and help stop predators and bullies on YouTube. Pass along to others:


  • Michele

    This is heart breaking at its best. To not feel or understand what this young lady experienced and wish you could have been someone to reach out and tell her it’s okay Amanda and this too shall pass indicates one is not human and without the basic general innate quality of human kindness. As a single parent of two and pretty near through the dark drama ages of their lives I know that keeping finances afloat for us and a manageable lifestyle was tough; their needs unmet by me were the result where they made some poor choices. Many a time they were distraught and imbalanced emotionally. Every kind soul that reached out…. I thank you. Amanda needed a kind soul to reach out. I’m so sorry she didn’t have that it couldn’t find that….. Whatever is the reason is irrelevant. Am so sorry she didn’t have peace

  • John Hill

    These types of stories really make me ill, when are adults going to start taking these issues serious. Laws have been created but are they being in forced, when someone reports bullying we as a nation needs to take this type of thing serious and act upon it, young lives are being wasted because someone is thinks that they are better then another. We as adults need to wake up and help our children.

  • Rory

    I think this whole thing is disgusting. The adult who sexually exploited her online should have been caught and arrested then none of this would have happened. Yes she was bullied but it was because of an adult who took advantage of a young girl. Children of today make me worry about our future, they are all so self centered and don’t have the ability to take others feelings into consideration. If this is the way the world is headed then we don’t have much of a future left.

  • B

    First I wuld like to say that I am so sorry for this families loss. Second, I think the comments section of news stories and such should be done away with. If you want to discuss something you read, share it to your social media site where you and your friends can say all the ignorant things you want. When a video or article is left open, these internet parasites say things they know they would never say to someones face. Plus it whouldnt make young girls and boys victims of cyber bullying.

  • Sami

    This is absolutely horrible.. it all happened because of some creep! she didn’t deserve to die. and its ridiculous how people cant stop bullying after she died. children are cruel and disgusting they need to grow up!

    • MissJanuary

      are they even doing anything to catch and prosecute this guy?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Brett

    I don’t really feel remorse for what happened to her. I agree that we need to work on anti-bullying and the bullies that did it are sick in the head but still. Flashing on your own accord and having sex with a guy who is in a relationship is just being naive.

    • Gail

      A 7th grade girl is a child and when she had sex with that guy she was desperate for someone to care about her and guess what….she was STILL a child. Have some compassion Brett. There is NO excuse for bullying someone like that no matter how naive they may have been. I sincerely hope that someday you have a daughter and if they are bullied you remember your opinion that you expressed here. Very sad when people have your attitude.

    • Shanna

      Brett you are just as sick as the girls that put her thur this. They will all get what is comming to them in the end. There is one judge and he is watching from above. There is no need for what those kids did to this girl. Kids now days are awful to each other and for what reason.

    • Carlos

      Fuck. I wrote something that took me a long while and plenty of thought to compose, but my app crashed before I could hit the post comment button so..now im pissed and ill make this short. Brett’s an asshole for not feeling any remorse, but Gail is also an asshole for hoping that Brett has the same faith Amanda (from her parent’s point of view) had. Nobody deserves going through this, no matter what they did or said. So in the end, we’re all assholes that don’t think our actions and thoughts through before doing/saying them, and we are all assholes for descriminating people behind the mask of fairness, justice, or superiority.

  • Rose

    OMG where is the bullying here? A STRANGER via the internet coerced her into revealing herself over the internet while she allowed a friend to video tape it. Obviously she knew what she was doing! Plain and simple. If she regretted it afterwatd well then she learned a simple FACT OF LIFE there are repercussions for your actions. Of course kids are going to ridicule a girl who flashes herself to a complete stranger while allowing it to video taped. I am thankful that there are still kids today who feel that PE of behavior is taboo and should be ridiculed. With so many today trying to make excuses for girls saying they are naive, young and looking for something…BS sometimes girls like that kind of attention, seek that kind of attention and WANT that kind of attention. Naivity has absolutely nothing to do with it. Then to make matters worse, once she was relocated to another school to avoid this previous scandulous behavior what does she do? Nothing, but sleep with another girls boyfriend. I suppose she was lured into that as well or was this more of her naivnous? The simple fact is she did something she thought would make her cool or popular w/ boys and when it backlashed she turned to playing the victim and the help me syndrome to seek attention. And when that failed, well we know the results. And before anyone jumps my shi+ for my comments, I have 5 teenagers, 3 of them girls and every single one of my kids said exactly the same thing before we ever discussed the story. They themselves said they see girls do this very thing all of the time, some with similar results, some merely ignored for being the promiscuous ones that they are. So, I for one join with those who do not feel for this girl or her story and am sorry that it detracts from those kids who are truly bullied for no fault of their own nor actions of their own. This is where everyone’s energy should truly be focused. And in addition, where the hell did a 13-15 yrnold wind up with antidepressants of begin with? It is common knowledge that these things in kids under 18 are known to suffer suicidal tendencies while taking them. So perhaps her parents are just as much to blame!!!

    • Kathy

      I truly hope none of your girls EVER make just one mistake that can change her life…would you even be compassionate?

      • Audrey Atherton

        I completely agree. Everyone makes mistakes, including grown ass women. Learn to look at yourself in the mirror before you go around criticizing others for their mistakes and actions.

      • L

        what the hell is wrong with you? black rose, not everyone is a perfect little barbie doll like you or your cookie cutter teenagers. you say bullying is not a problem? WELL IT SURE AS FUCK IT IS!

      • remi

        lady. chill. the damage has already been done. you and your perfect little daughters can stop bullying her now. you got what you wanted okay? now the world has one less beautiful person and is still stuck with 3+1… i don’t know how to describe what kind of person you are. now i recommend you check your self into a hospital. more specifically, the psychiatric ward.

        • Han

          Really? She stated her opinion. I am damn sick of hearing the word bully. Do you all even know what it means? Just because this woman does not feel the same as you is no reason to call her out. Grow up some. She didn’t call her a whore or anything. For one, half the world who knows about this had no idea who she was. Why don’t we feel more sorry for people who don’t make the selfish decision to end their life? And before you call me a bully, check yourself. I am stating a damn opinion.

          • Andrea

            Rose and Han…….you are exactly what is wrong with this world. Rose maybe you should teach your perfect little angels to be compassionate and not so judgemental of people. But they would have to learn that from you and that surely isnt going to happen. You should be ashamed of yourself and your children.

    • Lindsay Weiser

      How you could say its ok for some kinds of bullying and not others are you seriouse . Being a parent you should be ashamed of yourself . I am a mother of 5 I don’t care what my child does wrong there is no excuse for bullying period . Bullying is never ok in any situation

    • Demi

      You are a pathetic person for saying such horrible things!!! You should burn I he11 and ass for you children, they must be a part of the bullying. They must learn from you though.

    • Julie

      Rose-if we all could be as perfect as you and your teenagers. Also I think you need to look up the definition of bullying because what happened to this poor girl Is exactly that. With your ignorance how do you expect your own kids to know any better. I wish you and your family luck because you may need it.

    • Suzanne

      Hateful cold woman.

    • robert sampson

      Amanda made a mistake by flashing herself yes .did she make a mistake by sleeping with someones boyfriend we do not know the complete story behind that .But did she deserve to be beaten by that girl and her friends and left in a ditch NO! Does she deserve all of the comments on facebook and other sites that degrade her No! So for you to say she should be ridiculed.You are no better than kids that have an still post vicious comments about Amanda . And by the way I hope your 5 teenagers never make a mistake because I can see they have a compassionte father

    • MissJanuary

      Your children would easily be the type of heartless and judgmental school kids that would have pushed her down and teased her. You have raised these children with as much pompousness and smugness that you exhibit yourself. You are such a sad excuse for a mother i am embarrassed for you to have actually shared that out here on the net…now people will see what a crappy mother and person you are. shame.

    • Dina Reda

      You, and your heartless children, are disgusting.


      ROSE! You sound like the parent of the children who bullied this young girl, and are trying to justify their actions. Get help. For you, and your children. It amazes how on a day to day basis at school I witness things in which no one realizes their words and actions towards others. I myself find it disgusting how our society (and it seems to getting worse each year!) seem to be moving in the WRONG direction. How we have no empathy for others. When you Rose make a mistake, you would probably bitch about how no one understands what your going through and how everyone is mean to you etc , yet if anyone else did you would most likely have no sympathy for them but in fact feel like they deserve it.

      Please get your kids help so they don’t turn out to be you like you. You are neither a emotionally fit role model, mother, and it seems even woman.

  • Blades


  • sf925

    Maybe someone else’s life will be saved because of this tragedy.

  • Maria

    I think that the authorities should have stepped in,as should the school, long before it ever got to the point of her first attempt. I think too many write it off to kids being kids… but that’s not the case.These are individuals who are truly looking to make others feel bad, hurt them emotionally and physically. They won’t stop…bullying is like a drug to them. I truly hope that people start seeing this before it is too late for any other young people!

  • Me

    Rose…Really a mother of 3 girls and you don’t see what is the big deal or where the bulling is. She made a MISTAKE. How many have you made, how many do you think that your girls will make or have made without your knowing about it. She was in 7th grade at the time. After the bullying started at the first school she moved multiple times. Then the pervert who took and captured her chest them began to send them out again. That should be considered stalking, harassment, distributing of child pornography. It is wrong. She faced constance torment and physical abuse. The kids that bullied her need to see what it is like on the receiving end of it. If they didn’t like what she did, then stay away from her. Don’t belittle her. I bet anything the people that bullied her at school are insecure , jealous kids, who have had everything handed to them. Her comes along a girl who is pretty and is getting more attention then they are probably even before the chest photo. Anyways that is not here nor there. The point being is that NO person should feel the way that this child felt. The kids that are posting things on line should have criminal charges as well. This is another tragic end to a child that shouldn’t have had to endure any of it. I pray for the family and all affected by this. The lose of any child no matter the circumstances is always heavy. All those that still ridicule this child for a MISTAKE she made. Let me ask you a question. What would you do if this was being done to your child or someone you loved? How would it make you feel? Now, think about it in hindsight, after the fact. The child or loved one is gone. And you are still seeing post about their death and how they are still being bullied. I being am other of three and being bullied myself in school. I cant imagine the lose that the family is feeling right now. I can’t even fathom.

    • Jake Normandin

      This was the most well spoken thing I have read on this topic. Whoever you are bless your soul. This girl deserved none of the harassment she recieved. I hate the society we live in. God Bless you Amanda Todd

  • http://rightnowagainstbullying.com Right Now

    I thought this article was really interesting and informative. Bullying has become way out of control! I found this blog by Ron Bellanti really insightful.
    ronbellanti-rightnowagainstbullying.blogspot.com He finds some great articles pertaining to bullying!

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/100272200134523/?ref=ts&fref=ts JJ

    Melissa Ann Marie LaChance is bullying the RIP Group page that was set up for Amanda.

    • https://www.facebook.com/groups/100272200134523/?ref=ts&fref=ts TRUTH

      yeah I saw the really nasty posts as well. This Melissa Ann Marie chick deleted them today but it’s a little too late. I took screenshots of them and emailed them to her highschool which is listed on her FB page. I’m did this in an attempt to help her because someone needs to sit this little girl down and talk to her. Why is she bullying a dead girl???!! Hopefully they can find out what her real problem is and fix it before this girl goes mental.

  • Lisa Howdyshell

    I am very saddened by all the bullying still surrounding thie young girl on the facebook page set up by her family,I pray that her family can find some comfort somewhere.

  • Han

    Bullies? No. We are not bullies. Some of us just have no respect for someone who makes the selfish decision to end her life because she couldn’t handle the consequences of her immature actions. Now, for the people who say she did or didn’t deserve it, well for one she wasn’t murdered. She made the choice to end her life. And for the immature people calling her a slut and whore, etc. are just a bunch of idiots trying to get people riled up. You can’t bully someone that’s not here.

    • Han

      And before you all start cussing me out, most of you are grown adults. Grow up and shut your foul mouth. Besides I could care less. I am stating an opinion, no need to get mad because you don’t like it.

      • Cynthia

        Well u must not have kids. No one deserved what those damn bullies did to her. Don’t parents teach there kids anything.

    • angel0417

      “we”? bullshit. your fuckin stupid you must not have kids…

    • john michael

      “we are not bullies?” you were not bullied? suprising considering you name is hanyour name is Han..

  • Maria Miranda

    The video…….just so sad…..How did the school not do anything???? This could have been prevented……I hate what they did to this poor girl…..Amanda rest in peace……

  • lauren

    She was 12 years old.. on that web cam. Still a baby… She didn’t deserve any of this.. she was harassed and sexually abused by adults over the internet. She was too young to handle being stalked and tormented by grown men for years! She was only 12.. three years later at just 15 she still was a baby and someone should have stepped in and taken this man down from day one… Sexually threatening a 12 year old??? How ridiculous nothing was done sooner.

    • U dont need to know

      I agree with lauren.. Somebody shud hav helped her..

  • Miss.Shy

    You guys forgot. She posted the video a month befor, asking for help. She messed up. She didn’t need ANY of this. People cant even have respect for her now that she’s gone. Its sad that some Poole would post rude asa comments. Think of what her family thinks. Do you think the like having their Amanda gone? it sure as hell doesn’t help that people are STILL bulling her. Isnt that why she decided to do what she did? So she wont have to deal with all of this?

  • http://AynjewlFaycc.com I.Q.

    Check out this anti-bullying rap song to help spread awareness and understanding to teens!!! http://soundcloud.com/i-q-productionz/foggy-planes

  • amanda

    I have never commented on any story I have read or after the comments that were posted but after reading the comment left by rose I was so disgusted and shocked that someone could even think or feel this way about this child who was a victim of a sexual predator. also if you really know Amanda Todd’s story with sleeping with the boy he made it out to her that he like her and that there wasn’t a girlfriend. so tell me rose how u can even say it was her poor decisions or wanting attention. I am so disgusted that u r a mother of 3 girls it’s people like u who should not be able to have children you are exactly what’s wrong with this horrible story I pray ur girls realize the heartless woman u r nd that they don’t turn out to be the disgusting human being raising them it’s shift like this abduction the brutal parenting that creates these nasty children and what continues a rise in the bullying of kids.you should be so ashamed of yourself and I’ll tell you right now your precious girls are not so precious and god forbid the day they make a poor choice I don’t think your view would still be the same. you owe this child and her family an apology what if this had been one of ur precious girls? you obviously have no clue and I pray that ur girls learn true values and all about the real world and also pray that the arrogance of there mothers karma does not come to them

  • Dakota

    This is a very sad story. Some people make sick though. She made a mistake but she didn’t deserve to get bullied for years. She even asked for help a month before she committed suicide. She didn’t deserve to get beaten up and left in a ditch. She made a mistake by flashing to that one guy but I had an one night stand when I was 13 and I regret that but no one ever talks to me about that. Well it’s fucked up that it’s more acceptable for guys to do that kind of shit too. Excuse my language. The fact that the bullying went on after her death is disgusting, no one is perfect and she was only 12 years old when she did that. This is such a sad story. She was also very pretty. I hope that pedophile and these kids burn in hell. Amanda is in a better place now but this is so sad. The school and police should have done more to help. R.I.P. Amanda Todd.

  • jen

    If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!!! Everyone should live by this and be NICE. What is this world coming to… critizing a girl who killed herself because she needed someone to be there for her..thats just wrong. I feel sorry for anyone who has anything bad to say about this girl. You really are heartless and cruel.
    Everyone makes mistakes, and a mistake like this shouldn’t have followed her around school after school. Teenage girls are just mean the girl who beat her up should have been arrested, that would have proven a point. Not to mention I never have understood a women/girls who beat other women up for their boyfriends unfaithfulness, that should be between the boyfriend and the girlfriend.. its pretty immature when you go after the other women.

  • Anonymous

    I stumbled across this today, being an activist and a hacker, I’m personally glad Anonymous has decided to start doing something about this. I only wish I could of seen her video and been able to reach out to her. This makes me reconsider my decision not to join the ranks of Anonymous.

  • http://Webpronews No name

    I am rly depressed but amanda was a bitch she new that she would get so much attention after she killed herself. That little cunt was probably faking it. I would have killed her if she were still alive, like honestly, I mean it. I want to hurt that piece of shit and Im glad shes dead! Burn in hell amanda u slut!!!!!! :)

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe people can be so cruel. All of you people, the ones who put her down, the ones who thoud she was a horrible person, you have never been able to see pain. You’ve turned a helpless girl’s choice to escape into a laughing stock. You should be ashamed.

      • Beanie

        Your a bitch that needs to go to hell, you fucking Attention seeking whore! If Amanda did go to hell you will meet her there!

    • Anonymous

      You are an ass. Straight up.

    • U dont need to know

      I think that u shud shut the f up cuz nobody deserves die.. && even sum ppl do then it shud b u!!

    • antihater

      I hont know who u are but you will be the one burning in hell

    • No Name

      How freaking horrible are u..Ur a joke and a freaking coward! .. The only one going to hell is u!! IDIOT!! Your a jealous little shit thats hides behind a damn computer writing this horrible bullshit!!.. RIP AMANDA TODD!.. The world just lost a beautiful angel :(

  • alfie

    i dont know amanda todd but all i know is that her bullies are idiots look what she done because of you

  • antihater

    you bullies are the ones going to hell. something @ your house must have gone wrong or your just jelous doesn’t matter because it will backfire to YOU ! ! !

  • No Name

    I dont usually comment on things but this is shocking..Its truly horrible to see how mean people are these days.. Its one thing to bully someone when they are alive and even after this beautiful young girl is no longer with us because of these small minded horrible people you still continue to attack her.. God has a plan for people like u.. ! I pray to god that people realise how serious this matter is!.. I’m not sure how bullying feels like Im from New Zealand and its not as common as the US and i understand there are good people out there thats trying to stop this but we need to do more. Godbless u sweetheart.. :(

  • mewtwo

    What is wrong with thoose people (they have no heart) and now amanda is gone

  • isaac

    those people who keep saying bad things about her are nothing but bags of shit i wish i could kill them


    FOR All Of Those Demons That Got Joy Out Of Bashing God’s Child…
    Message To A bully
    There is a special type of hell carefully designed to burn the very core of your soul for torturing and murdering one of God’s children… Amanda DID NOT commit suicide. She was murdered by demons. For those that say SHE committed “suicide” need to understand that ALL of those that tortured her spirit, made her her cry, seclude herself and stole her joy are the very ones that have committed THEIR own suicide…
    “bully” (and I deliberately use small letters when calling you one), understand that you reap what you sow…and that all you that laughed, teased, attacked, threatened and belittled my “Little Sister In Christ” have been placed on the alter and there will never be peace or comfort for you. YOU are a demon and YOUR fate is being manifested as I write. For ALL of those that knew that my Little Sister In Christ was being bullied and did nothing to protect her…there is also a special type of hell design just for you also because you too are a bully for failing to stand by her side. What gives YOU the right to judge any of God’s childern. YOU DID NOT CREATE ANYTHING AND THEREFORE OWN NO ONE OR ANYTHING. There will be no relief for you and no hiding place. Now, it is YOUR TURN! You have identified yourself. The words I write have become a reality for you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. bully, and you know who you are, you have just been placed in God’s hands. Trust me, YOUR MIND WILL TORMENT YOUR SPIRIT, YOU will seclude yourself and your wicked soul shall destroy itself. You have created your own fate. Laugh if you like but you read this… Now, so shall it be…

    Let’s find our brothers and sisters. OUT OF LOVE FOR GOODNESS, we must gather together and do whatever is deemed appropriate to protect each other from the demons that walk the earth.

    • Kaylee

      Amanda Todd did not deserve to die. She made a few mistakes. As does everyone else. If I would have known this was happening before she killed herself, I would have done something, though I know that those heartless haters won’t listen, I want to point out that if you commented on her Facebook page or on her YouTube video in a less than respectful way, you are a horrible and discusting person. What did Amanda ever do to you?! She did all she could to be strong and build her self up, and all you did was brake her down again. Well did you get what you wanted? She’s gone. Amanda Todd is DEAD!!!! Why do you still have the desire to continue to post mean comments? She isn’t there to see them, your not even hurting her any more. Only her friends and family that can see those. Something should be done to these people that have hurt her and her friends, but the reality is that nothing will happen to them. Nothing. And it’s horrible that our society is too afraid to say or do anything to these kids. But what’s even worse is that even they did there are too many of those posts to punish all of them. All I’m trying to say is that Amanda Todd shouldn’t have died. Now she’s gone and none of us can fix that.

      • Nadem

        I want to kill who ever let Amanda killed her self . I want to take a revenge against who bullied Amanda . If u want to add me ( nadem Hejase ) I hate bullying and I hate suiside people . But I love Amanda Todd so much