Amanda Knox Saga: Meredith Kercher Forgotten?

    February 26, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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The saga of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is huge and intriguing. There’s murder, sex, lies, a possible government set up, and who knows what else. Are they guilty? Not guilty? Lying to keep each other safe or turning on each other?

We may never know the whole story. However, there is one person that seems to be getting lost in the frenzy and that is victim Meredith Kercher. Her family is now speaking out in a documentary that will air on Monday, and they are asking that we not forget that Meredith was a life taken too soon. She had family and friends that suffer through news reports and documentaries about the murder of their daughter and sister, according to The Guardian.

In the interview Kercher’s sister Stephanie said, “Mez has been forgotten in all of this. The media photographs aren’t really of her. There’s not a lot about what actually happened in the beginning. So it is very difficult to keep her memory alive in all of this.”

Meredith Kercher was a bright 21-year-old with a bright future. She was from Coulsdon, Surrey, and was on a university exchange in Perugia. Her sister said of Meredith’s fateful decision to study in Italy,

“She was very excited about coming to Italy, looking forward to learning about Italian culture. Seeing the city of Perugia and making new friends. She really fought to be here. She wanted to be here.”

Their last moments together before she left were bittersweet,”We were just talking on the sofa and having a little cuddle of goodbye, and I just remember her suddenly crying and saying she was going to be sad but she was excited to come and I remember being quite taken aback and I thought, ‘Don’t make me sad. I’ll miss you but you’ll go and have fun’.”

Kercher was brutally murdered on November 7, 2007 in the space she shared with Amanda Knox. Whether or not Amanda had anything to do with it is still up in the air, but Meredith Kercher’s family’s suffering will go on even after we’ve figured it all out.

Speaking of his family’s long ordeal, brother Lyle Kercher said: “Anybody losing anyone close is hard, losing someone so young and the way we did is obviously 100 times worse, and on top of that to have all the media attention that has gone for so long makes it very difficult to cope with.”

Once there is a final decision, after all of the appeals and arguments can be made, perhaps this family can forget the painful process and just focus on celebrating Meredith’s life, which was ended way too soon.

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  • Simon

    Amanda Knox will never be forgotten and neither will Meredith Kercher. It is one of life’s profound ironies that Ms Knox has, quite unintentionally, made Meredith immortal.

  • Nigel Scott

    Meredith will never be forgotten. Her name has been attached to the most controversial miscarriage of justice of the century. Instead of investigating properly and charging and convicting sole murderer Rudy Guede, the Perugian authorities picked two innocent people as well and are still pursuing them through every level of the Italian system. Only when this mess is put before the European Court of Human Rights will Meredith get True Justice because only then will this vendetta be brought to an end. Destroying the lives of innocent people through a legal and media witch hunt is not justice for anyone.

  • carlofab

    I am confident it is the fondest wish of Amanda Knox that the press cease spreading slander about her sex life, and instead run laudatory stories about the
    short life and tragic death of Meredith Kercher.

    These are two entirely different stories…

    One is the story of the murder of Meredith Kercher by a burglar at the all too young age of 21. Forensic evidence at the crime scene is conclusive that she was killed by petty thief Rudy Guede, who is in prison for the crime but eligible for day leave.

    Entirely unrelated is the story of three innocent people arrested before the above forensic evidence was processed, and the subsequent prosecution of two of them. Rather than admit their mistake, prosecutors and police seeded the press with inflammatory stories about the sex life of Ms. Knox, lied repeatedly, created evidence, misinterpreted evidence, and perjured themselves in court.

    What is bizarre about this spectacle is that what began as a local scandal by corrupt police in a small town has worked all the way up to the Supreme Court of Italy, which made itself complicit in a criminal prosecution by dictating that it is “illogical” to acquit Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito of a crime they obviously had nothing to do with.

    Scholar Edward Luttwak was interviewed by Italian weekly Panorama on why the Italian justice system makes foreigners reluctant to invest in or do business in Italy.

    He said “Italy is like Burundi” and “40% of the people in Italian prisons are awaiting trial”. Luttwak mentioned Amanda Knox only in passing with the remark, “not only have those responsible for her prosecution not been punished, they have not even been removed from office.”

    Judge Hellmann [who acquitted Knox and Sollecito] said of the Nencini conviction:

    “I remain certain that there is no concrete evidence at all against these two young people.

    “This new sentence was in the cards – it’s tied to the decision made by the Supreme Court – Amanda’s not doing a bad thing by not coming back to Italy.”

    Like Amanda Knox, my fondest wish is that the press would quit focusing on Ms. Knox and instead run stories praising the short life and tragic death of Ms. Kercher.
    They just will not do it. Compounding the tragedy is that many believe Knox is deliberately stealing the limelight because she craves attention. This kind of attention is about as welcome as a dose of STD.

  • Fater Green

    I am beginning to understand the problem, this brother and sister combo are tragically dim witted.