Amanda Bynes' Parents To Give Up Conservatorship?


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Amanda Bynes’ parents have done everything in their power to help their daughter.

Bynes has been going downhill for a couple of years now but it appears that she may have hit rock bottom. In September, Bynes was kicked out of fashion school and arrested for DUI a few weeks later.

After she was released from jail, she took a flight to New York and was reportedly acting strangely, talking to herself and inanimate objects.

Her parents were able to convince her to fly back home and she was put under a psychiatric hold. She was then released to her parents, who agreed to act as conservators. A few weeks later they said that she was doing much better and seemed to be on the road to recovery.

Her progress didn’t last long and now she is back to her old ways. She recently went on a twitter rant and accused her parents of withholding money from her and not allowing her to have any freedom. She also expressed her desire to get a new conservator.

It looks like her parents are going to grant her wish and are stepping down as conservators. Bynes will soon have a mental health professional act as her conservator instead.

The mental health professional will have experience dealing with mentally ill patients and may be better equipped to handle Bynes than her parents.

Hopefully Bynes and her parents can reconcile once they stop controlling her and her money.