Amanda Bynes Opens Up On Twitter


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Amanda Bynes has been put into the care of her parents and this time is looks like they aren’t taking any chances or letting the young woman have much freedom.

Last month Bynes was kicked out of fashion school and arrested for DUI.

She also disappeared from her parents care for a short time and reappeared in New York acting strange.

Her parents were able to get her released to them if they agreed to act as conservators.

Although Bynes appears to be doing better, she seems to be upset with her parents. She recently tweeted an update about her current condition and situation.

Bynes continued to talk about her parents and how strict they have been with her. She even said that they are currently not speaking and that she is very mad at them.

She continued her childish rant the next day, complaining because her parents wouldn't let her fly to New York. She took down the tweets a short time after posting them.

Amanda claims to be taking her meds and doing better, but her Twitter rants seem to suggest that she is back to her old ways. Hopefully she and her parents can work things out.