Amanda Bynes: Manic-Depressive Or Not?

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Amanda Bynes has strung the nation along on her wild ride of ups and downs.

From vulgar thoughts to accusations of abuse, the troubled former star seems to have some serious issues.

On Tuesday, Bynes tweeted that she has been diagnosed with Manic-Depressive disorder and Bi-Polar disorder.

However, the facts of her diagnosis are a bit unclear.

She later tweeted that it wasn't even her that sent out those earlier tweets.

So, fans (and happy train-wreck watchers) are left to wonder, as usual, just what in the world is going on.

Shortly after, the "it wasn't me" tweet went out saying, "I was at a friends apartment last night and one of my friends tweeted my phone. sorry guys !"

That post has since been deleted, and so have many tweets back into May. Some of the deleted ones are the tweets that accuse her dad of sexual abuse.

However, some have been added that are downright bizarre, as expected.

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Amanda Bynes has also spent plenty of time ranting about her parents' recent conservatorship.

Bynes' parents are reportedly only giving her $50 per day. A fortune to a normal girl her age, but to her, not so much.

Well, hopefully Amanda Bynes really is getting help if she does have these disorders! What do you think? Is she really getting treatment or are these tweets just more of the same?

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