Amanda Bynes: Have Parents Finally Given Up On Their Troubled Daughter?


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While onlookers contemplate the state of Amanda Bynes' mental health, it appears the troubled starlet's parents can take no more.

In an exclusive report, TMZ claims that Bynes' mother and father will surrender her conservatorship to a third party.

Amanda Bynes was furious at her mom and dad over their attempts to interfere in her life as well as their successful acquisition of her finances.

The 28-year-old even went as far as to accuse her father of sexual abuse, but she later recanted.

Bynes seems to be making all sorts of bizarre claims, but one consistent theme present in all of her angry ranting is the desire to have financial freedom from her parents.

Said Bynes via Twitter, "[My parents] are withholding my belongings and money from me so I don't have new clothes or enough money to rent an apartment."

Amanda claimed that she would not speak to either of her parents until someone else was placed in charge of her spending habits.

"Until I get a different conservator [I'll] look terrible," said Bynes. "I don't have enough [money] to get new clothes or anything I need."

A judge previously ruled that Bynes's mother Lynn would be the one to make the financial decisions for her daughter.

However, it seems that Amanda Bynes' parents have come to the end of their rope regarding this heartbreaking and highly volatile situation.

A source told TMZ that within a few days Amanda Bynes will find her finances in the hands of a mental health professional. One that the gossip site reports is experienced with dealing with persons who suffer from extreme mental health issues.

It's unclear from TMZ's report whether or not financial responsibility will stay with that person or whether or not it will be shared with a financial adviser.

Attorney David Esquibias, who represents Amanda Bynes, told Access Hollywood that she and her parents had "amicable communications over the past few days".

This turn of events seems to suggest that the changes to Amanda's situation may be working to improve their relationship.

Esquibias described Bynes as lacking a fixed address and the means through which to rent an apartment.

It's hoped that this new arrangement will at least help Amanda Bynes find a place to live.

Bynes' parents are reportedly moving back to their home state of Texas once the matter is settled.