Amanda Bynes Goes On Twitter Rant About Caleb Pusey


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Amanda Bynes is notorious for her Twitter rants.

Lately, most of them have been about her parents and her looks, but she recently went on a Twitter rant about her friend or possibly ex-boyfriend, Caleb Pusey.

Earlier this month Bynes accused Pusey of being a bad person and denied that she had ever dated him and called him gay.

She recently tweeted several posts about Pusey, and apologized to him for the gay comments.

Bynes claimed that she made the comments about Caleb being gay because she was mad at him. She later deleted that tweet as well as several others that she posted over the last few weeks.

Bynes has been posting and deleting strange tweets a lot lately. She has gone on rants about her father abusing her and her parents controlling her to the point that she couldn't even get her hair done. She has also defended many of her bizarre actions, including sleeping on a couch in a local mall and being overheard talking about killing her parents on an audio recording.

Bynes has said that she is getting treatment for her mental issues, but it doesn't seem like she is making much progress.

Do you think Bynes is really getting treatment or do her strange tweets suggest otherwise?