Amanda Bynes: Bong-Tossing Case Thrown Out

    July 1, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Amanda Bynes has one less legal issue weighing her down as she works to build herself a new life. Charges for reckless endangerment and marijuana possession stemming from an incident where the former Nickelodeon actress threw a bong out the window of her 36th-story New York City apartment have now been dropped.

The court previously said the charges against Bynes would be dismissed if she stayed out of trouble and attended twice weekly counseling sessions. Attorney Gerald Shargel submitted an affidavit saying Amanda Bynes had complied with these requirements.

“She did her counseling and it’s now all behind her,” Shargel said in a statement to the media outside of the court house.

Amanda Bynes went through a very troubling period during which she dressed in a bizarre fashion and often wore unkempt wigs both in public and during court appearances. She was convicted of driving drunk in one incident and in another she set a fire in a driveway at a California home–not her own.

Amanda has been under psychiatric care for a long time now and is said to be doing well. She is a student at a design school in California.

Bynes became a star when she was just 13 years old when she landed her own show on Nickelodeon. The Amanda Show was a huge hit, and after that she went on to star in films including Hairspray, What A Girl Wants, and She’s the Man.

It’s uncertain as to whether or not this is the last of the legal proceedings held over Amanda Bynes’s head pending further counseling and good behavior. If there is more it’s likely those charges could get dropped as well. The former actress (she announced in 2010 that she was leaving acting) seems to be doing well in this new life she is carving out for herself. Hopefully this positive trend continues.

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