Amanda Bynes Arrested For DUI In LA


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Amanda Bynes has been trying to stay out of trouble and lay low for the last few months and for the most part she has managed to do that.

She was released from rehab last winter and has been under the careful watch and care of her parents ever since.

Bynes had several run-ins with the law in 2013 and was even caught throwing a bong out her apartment window after police were called to the apartment on reports of marijuana usage.

Bynes had also been acting strangely and her mental health was in question. Bynes did well in rehab and when she was released she said that she was planning to get healthy and stay that way.

She seemed to be doing just that, and even managed to get the bong-tossing charges dropped based on her good behavior and the fact that she followed the judge's strict orders to stay out of trouble.

Unfortunately, the good behavior didn't last and Bynes was arrested for DUI on Sunday.

According to police reports and TMZ, Bynes was charged with a misdemeanor and was allegedly under the influence of an unknown drug.

Bynes was pulled over when police officers noticed that she was stopped in the middle of an intersection. Bynes complied with the police but could not pass the field sobriety tests.

She was released on bail and is due to appear in court for the charges on October 23.

Bynes did not release a statement about the arrest and has returned home to her parents to await her court date.