Alternative Breaking Bad Ending Is Hilarious


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Scroll down for the video.

Yes, Breaking Bad is over – it ended backed in September, but even then we’re still getting remnants of the beloved series despite its conclusion.

A lot of people became more familiar with Bryan Cranston as an actor when Malcolm in the Middle first broadcasted back on January 9, 2000 on FOX. He played Hal, the main character’s father; a quirky, inept, caring, and wacky dad who was always on his wife’s side. The show aired for six years, and after 151 episodes, the world didn’t see much of Cranston in the spotlight, albeit starring in some movie roles like Little Miss Sunshine. It wasn’t until 2008 that we saw Cranston emerge as Walter White in the groundbreaking AMC series Breaking Bad. Despite this, many were curious of whom this talented actor was, and were surprised to hear that it was “Malcolm’s Dad”; Hal never really left Cranston. With that in mind, the internet came up with a funny synopsis about the ending to Breaking Bad, and how it was all just one big dream that Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. Thought it came merely as a funny idea that sparked online, a lot of fans of both shows typed up online the visual of what the hilarious scene would look like. In fact, there’s a whole Tumblr site dedicated to immersing the plot lines of Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle into one single story, and it’s surprisingly, at times, somewhat convincing.

Yesterday, a YouTube user by the name of Michael Davies uploaded “Breaking Bad Season 5 - Alternate Ending”, which shows Cranston reprising his role as Hal, and Jane Kaczmarek as his wife, Lois. Like the potential idea for the hilarious alternative ending, Hal wakes up after dreaming the entire series of Breaking Bad, shocked to find that he was a drug dealer. The video makes more sense for those familiar with the show, as Hal goes on to describe the many faces he ran into in his extended long dream. Hal even tries to reenact some of Walter White’s mannerisms that don’t quite translate as well in the Malcolm in the Middle universe.

Hilarity ensues.


(Images via Tumblr, YouTube)