Alt Girls Short: If You Grew Up In The ’90s, You Need To See This

    November 12, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Those girls. You were either one of us or you secretly wanted to be. We were the girls with the dark lipstick and baby barrettes, belly-baring shirts and combat boots. Thanks to bands like Hole, 7 Year Bitch, Bikini Kill, and Sonic Youth, we had finally found a voice for what we wanted to express, and they were female voices (for the most part; Eric Erlandson and Thurston Moore got a pass). Finally, it seemed, there was music meant just for us, and we screamed along to Babes In Toyland with smeared eyeliner and all the angst we could muster.

It was about more than a sense of belonging; it was the feeling that young girls could stand up for themselves, because our role models would certainly never take shit from any guy. It was the feeling that we could form our own band, to get out what we had to say, and if we sucked it was okay because at least we were trying. The ’90s were all about girl power, DIY, and women finding a place in male-dominated worlds.

That’s why it’s so important to see things like this: a short film by Tamra Davis, who also directed videos for the likes of Veruca Salt, Sonic Youth, and the Beastie Boys (she’s also married to Mike D). In it, she talks to some of the heavyweights of the day on what feminism–still an insanely loaded topic today–means.

Image: YouTube

  • Huh?

    I have no idea who these people are or what they did.

    Feminism also has led to many of the problems we have today. The family unit has been totally decimated and this coincided directly with the rise of feminism. With the rise of feminism there has been 57 million abortions in this country. Three thousand babies are aborted every day. That is like having a 9/11 every day. The number of US abortions this year alone is at 1 million and may surpass the total of all the gun deaths since 1970 by the end of the year. Life expectancies for women are actually declining and male/female relations have never been worse in America. There is such division between men and women. Boys are being left behind. Suicide rates among boys have skyrocketed. We are so politically correct now that we are paranoid about offending anyone. Recess in schools is being replaced by programs that favor girls. We have become a society of wimps that have banned tag and ball at recess. All of this has roots with the feminist movement.

    Yeah, feminism has done so much good in the US. Bravo feminists. Bravo.