Alonzo Mourning Tees Off with President Obama

    November 10, 2013
    Mike Fossum
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Former Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning played a round of golf with President Barack Obama at Grande Oaks Golf Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday. Grande Oaks is where the 1980 Chevy Chase classic “Caddyshack” was filmed, and Mourning rounded out a foursome that included Cyrus Walker, the cousin of senior presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, and former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk.

Mourning described the event as being “very surreal and enlightening,” adding that he’d “spent six hours in a golf cart with the most powerful man in America talking everything from basketball to life after his term – It was a dream come true.”

Mourning, a longtime Democratic fundraiser, said the two initially planned to play this summer in Martha’s Vineyard. “But then it got late and I had to get my kids into school,” Mourning said. “So he (Obama) reached out to and asked me to choose where to play.”

Mourning said he’d initially suggested his home course, at Turnberry Isle in Aventura, Florida, but The Secret Service asked for another venue.”They said that wouldn’t work, because there were too many high-rises,” Mourning said. The round ended up at the old Caddyshack course.

Mourning, who is presently a Heat executive, had previously played basketball with Obama, but this was the first time they golfed. “Considering everything on his plate, he’s a decent golfer,” Mourning said with a grin. Obama was also impressed with Mourning’s game – “When we left, he handed me the scorecard,” Mourning said. “It read, ‘Thanks for carrying us today.’ ”

In 2007, Mourning along with Andre Agassi, Muhammad Ali, Jeff Gordon, Lance Armstrong, Tony Hawk, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Mario Lemieux, and Cal Ripken, Jr. founded Athletes for Hope, a collective which helps professional athletes get involved in charitable causes to inspire millions of non-athletes to embrace volunteerism.

Mourning commented on the 18 holes played with the president, “To know I have a friendship with the most powerful man in the world is something I will never take for granted.”

Saturday’s event was the 150th round for Obama in less than five full years in the White House.

Image via YouTube.

  • Jk

    Our president plays too much golf. He is always golfing or going on a vacation. Heck, we can’t guard our own people in Benghazi, but we can foot the bill for his vacations and trips.

    By the way, the most powerful man in the world is not our president. Not even close.

  • cj judge

    I doubt very seriously if the current President’s time on the golf course can compair with that of the last Bush that left Office. Bush not only spent a fair amount of time golfing but also hanging out at the ranch in Crawford.

    • Vince

      You have the presidents response to any criticism down to a tee…. it’s Bush’s fault….. Also, for your information, as of Sept, Obama has played more golf in a single year than any previous president. So you have another thing in common with the President, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Vic Timmons

    Welp, there goes the club!

  • http://WebProNews BC

    Now if the article said he played golf with the most incompetent and most full of shit man in America, it would have been more accurate.

  • http://www.flaminghotmedia.com Flaming Hot Media

    On a lighter note, Caddyshack…….. Love it.

  • Craig A. Maasen

    This guy is an absolute IDIOT…. The World is imploding and he is playing golf!! At what point does he think that leadership is a necessity?!!! This guy has never had a “real” job; so why was he elected to the most important job in the World?!!! Wait until the real truth is exposed about this phony person who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue….