All The Ways Gmail is Accessible

    October 28, 2008
    Chris Crum

We’ve reported on a lot of Gmail-related tidbits here recently. It seems Gmail Labs has been up to non-stop tinkering and just keeps cranking out features. Most recently, they released:

Calendar and Docs gadgets

Mobile Version 2.0

Canned Responses

An expanded set of emoticons

Mail Goggles

This isn’t exactly a new Gmail Labs release, but Alex Chitu has a nice list of alternate URLs to access Gmail that may prove useful if you have trouble accessing it for one reason or another (see descriptions for each at Alex’s post):

Safe Mode

Secure Mode

Older Version

Basic Mode

Mobile Mode or

iPhone mode

iGoogle gadget

"No browser checking" mode

I can see this list being useful for testing email marketing campaigns as well. Nothing will ruin a campaign quicker than something not displaying properly on different platforms. While this is all technically the same platform, you never know where bugs will pop up.