All 2 Term Presidents Need A Good Scandal: Now Bush Has Rove

    July 11, 2005

Presidents who get a second term are few generally. In recent decades though, Second term presidents usually end up with more than standard political conflicts and lame duck behavior. The second term usually provides a full-blown, nation-threatening scandal of epic proportions. Now Bush might just have his in the form of Karl Rove.

The honorable President Bush, who, not even a year into his second term, may have the makings of a good, nasty scandal that involves the media, high-ranking administration officials, Constitutional conundrums, war and the CIA.

The incident began (sort of) back in 2003 when noted conservative columnist Bob Novak published the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame. Ms. Plame was also the wife of diplomat Joseph Wilson IV, who had been critical of the Bush administration when he wouldn’t support the administrations bogus claims that Saddam Hussein had attempted to by fissionable materials from Niger.

At the time a couple of other reporters, named Judith Miller of the New York Times and Matthew Cooper of Time magazine, got the same information Novak did but only he chose to report it. Chaos ensued with the possible violation of federal law as the CIA operative’s life was in danger, national security, etc. A federal investigation resulted and even then, Karl Rove’s name had been surfaces as a possible leak. Karl Rove was Bush’s chief campaign strategist and deputy chief of staff in the White House.

Rove repeatedly denied the allegations and the Bush administration maintained that no one in their administration could do such a thing. They maintained that if someone did, they wouldn’t be working in the administration. Now, the administration isn’t saying much about this “criminal investigation”.

The investigation came down to two reporters, Cooper and Miller, who didn’t want to reveal their sources. Time magazine handed over the notes Cooper had put together, basically against his wishes. Miller and the Times didn’t budge. Last week, Cooper said he’d received express personal permission from his source to reveal himself. Miller said she didn’t receive that same permission.

Cooper revealed that his source was Karl Rove, although Time magazine, his employer has said they won’t reveal the information in the notes and the magazine won’t publicly confirm Rove. Miller currently rots in jail and will stay there probably until the probe is over.

Then, the semantics come into play. Apparently, Rove himself may not have been the individual who actually talked to the reporters. It might have come via his attorney. So naturally, Rove didn’t rat out anyone did he? If Rove did leak the information, either directly or indirectly, as has been suggested, he could be brought up on federal charges.

But it doesn’t end there folks. Part of the reason for the probe is that there may not have been a violation of the law to begin with, in which case, Rove’s actions, assuming he did what he may have been accused of, might have been merely a case of immoral, unethical behavior, which as most cynics know means absolutely nothing in politics.

Second term scandals have certainly happened before and presidential scandals in history have a long and colorful history dating back to when Thomas Jefferson accused John Adams of attempting to marry off his child into the family of King George III of England.

Lyndon Johnson had Vietnam. It was his first full term but he had completed Kennedy’s first term and didn’t run for a second. Vietnam wrecked Johnson and most of his positive accomplishments played second fiddle to the war.

Richard Nixon is synonymous with White House scandal perhaps more than any president in history. The break-in of the Watergate Hotel during the 1972 presidential campaign still has scars on this nation.

Republican deity President Ronald Reagan had Iran-Contra. The hearings were on television and names like Oliver North and Fawn Hall became household names. Ronald Reagan’s selling of weapons to our enemies, namely Iran and also Saddam Hussein (who wasn’t an enemy then) will forever taint Reagan’s presidency after the administration claimed they didn’t deal with terrorists.

The Bill Clinton sex scandals happened during his second and President Clinton was actually impeached for committing perjury. Clinton was in the middle of sexual harassment suit with Paula Jones when the Monica Lewinsky issue came up. Clinton’s interpretation of various sexual acts led to the Republican controlled Congress going after Clinton like rabid dogs.

The media, war, high level officials, the CIA, it’s all here. If an indictment is handed down against Karl Rove, then this is going to drag out for a while, will certainly scar Bush’s legacy and in a term already chock full of crunchy bits, this would certainly add even more. The only crucial element missing would seem to be a juicy sex portion of this. I wonder if Karl Rove plays Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.