All Skyrim DLC is (Finally) Coming to PS3 in February

    January 18, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Gamers who bought Skyrim for the PlayStation 3 might finally have a reason to blow the dust off their copy of Skyrim and brush up on their dragon shouts. Bethesda today announced that all of the downloadable content (DLC) for Skyrim will finally be coming to the PlayStation 3.

Bethesda and Microsoft obviously have had an exclusivity deal for Skyrim DLC, as the three add-ons – “Dawnguard,” “Hearthfire,” and “Dragonborn” – were all released on the Xbox 360 for weeks before they appeared on the PC. PlayStation 3 gamers got the shaft, though, as no bit of Skyrim DLC has yet appeared in the PlayStation Network Store. There were rumors of technical problems, but whatever the trouble Bethesda seems to have managed it.

The add-ons will be released in an odd, backwards style for Sony’s console. The latest Skyrim DLC, “Dragonborn” will be the first to appear on the PS3, followed by “Hearthfire” and then “Dawnguard,” the first DLC that was release for Xbox 360 back in June 2012. The 1.8 update for Skyrim will also be coming to the PS3 just before the launch of “Dragonborn.” Bethesda stated that all of the content will be released in February, though no specific dates have been given.

A specific date has been given, however, for the PC version of “Dragonborn.” The latest Skyrim DLC will be coming to Steam on February 5.

  • KobraKong

    Wow, if all 3 DLC are released, this will make for some great winter memories. I just started this in September of 2012, so it really is perfect timing! I wonder how big the save files will get for the PS3 though? (possibly 20MB by end-game?)

  • casper13rocks

    if dawnguard and hartfire were put on hold to bring us dragonborn cause they didnt want us waighting how can they have them all ready for release within 3 weeks of each other unless its all been lies right from the start bethesda are full of sh#!t they better not bend us over on next dlc but u watch we will have to waight for that to

    • Vus to Da

      Skyrim is the greatest game ever created. You should just be happy we’re getting the dlc at all!!

  • FartsArnold

    finally, its about time. its not very fair that PS3 users dont get dlc until a year after it comes out. very disapointing Bethesda