All Of AdSense Gains Referrals 2.0

    June 28, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Testing has been wrapped up with Google’s referral beta, and the company plans to roll it out to all publishers in referral-supported languages.

All Of AdSense Gains Referrals 2.0
All Of AdSense Gains Referrals 2.0

Referrals works a little like pay-per-action, by Google’s description. Publishers picks the ads they want to display, and when a visitor clicks the ad and performs a specified action, the AdSense publisher gets paid.

The new version, Referrals 2.0, should improve upon the beta version.

Benefits of the new version of Referrals will have an expanded product inventory to aid in the selection of ads that fit the publisher’s site. There will be an option to refer products by category and keyword. AdSense does the work in selecting ads to display.

That also comes into play with ad unit optimization. When creating a new referral ad unit and selecting the ‘Pick best performing ads’ option, AdSense will look for the most relevant choice of ads that should perform best on the site.

A significant difference between referrals and typical AdSense units comes from the policy side. While making any reference to regular AdSense ads violates policy, site publishers are free to highlight and promote referral ads.