All About Podcasting

    February 11, 2005

Podcasting, the practice of making downloadable broadcasts for the iPod (or other mp3 players), is growing in popularity.

Podcasting Takes Off
All About Podcasting…

Everything you wanted to know about podcasting, but were afraid to ask. :) The following are some pointers and tips about podcasting. Please discuss your thoughts about it at WebProWorld.

Pioneered by ex-MTV VJ Adam Curry, podcasting has a number of proponents, with Steve Rubel being one of the more vocal.

In today’s edition of WebProNews, we feature three articles that discuss the benefits of podcasting, while taking a look at one of the companies using the fledgling medium.

Chris Richardson

Podcasting Gets Star Treatment In USA Today
By Steve Rubel

USA Today ran two articles on podcasting today. One in the Money section focuses on podcasting as a disruptive force that will impact the media and technology industries.

USA Today: “Now podcasting has arrived with the potential to rewrite the rules of the game.

Podcasting’s most distinctive quality lies in the capacity to time-shift the consumption of digital content. Users can grab and tote their favorite shows, then listen while commuting, exercising or doing chores. Think TiVo for radio. “It’s the Internet penetrating into the rest of your life, when you’re not connected,” says podcasting pioneer Adam Curry.

Big tech suppliers and media companies don’t know yet whether they need to come to grips with podcasting – or can dismiss it as a flash in the pan. But there is no ambivalence on the part of the technologists who’ve embraced it.”

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How To Use IPodder
By Neville Hobson

This is very neat – a simple audio-visual guide on how to use iPodder, a program that enables you to manage your podcasts and, optionally, synchronize them with your iPod or other digital player if you have one.

Lisa Williams has put together an entertaining 4-minute video that explains how. I followed the video and finally figured out how to do it with iPodder. Thanks, Lisa! There is a manual for iPodder but, as Lisa says, people don’t read manuals 😉

Lisa’s video is in Real format, unfortunately. But you don’t have to install and use that program – there is a great alternative called (logically) Real Alternative. The same functionality without all the ads and popups and stealing file associations and trying to connect to the net all the time.

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Podcasting Continues To Gather Momentum
By Fredrik Wacka

FeedBurner today manages 1,750 podcasts via SmartCast. That is a significant increase from 750 at the end of 2004.

But is anybody listening, they ask? Well, someone is. In the feeds they manage there are examples of podcasts with over 3,000 subscribers/listeners. At the “beginning of February” the podcasts that FeedBurner manages had about 24,000 listeners.

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Is this impressive then? Not yet, and I remain a bit [skeptical] to the use of podcasting for business purposes. It will find it’s place, no doubt, but the fact is that audio has been an option for years and it’s never been a success on a larger scale.

Why should another form of distribution radically change that?

I’d love to be wrong though – I started my journalistic career as a radio reporter and podcasting could become good business for me… :-)

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GM Is Podcasting
By Steve Rubel

More innovation from General Motors. This time they have launched a podcast on its Fastlane leadership blog.

The first podcast features Gary Cowger, GM North America President, introducing the Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne luxury sedans at the Chicago Auto Show. This is their podcast feed.

From the GM Fastlane Blog

Cadillac, Buick Reveals in Chicago

Check out our first ever podcast! Gary Cowger, GM North America President, introduces the Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne luxury sedans at the Chicago Auto Show. Let us know what you think and if you’d like to hear more GM podcasts in the future.”

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